Looking to lighten up on 3*'s

I have a lot of 3*'s… Trying to figure out if older ones are worth holding onto to with the newer ones I have…

I guess it depends on how you use them. I cleaned out most my s1 3s long ago so they didn’t have costumes yours seem to have costumes so they have more value. If you don’t use your s2 heroes they are who i would clear and level some of the newer heroes the wo3k ones are all good as are the knights. I haven’t had a chance to level my s5 or new Halloween 3s but those and the pets look pretty good.

It very much depends on one’s way of playing, but out of the heroes you´ve shown, the ones I used the least are Vollermork, Guardian Lemur, Morris and Agnes. But I tend to keep one copy of all heroes, and I favor playing with Fast heroes when going in underpowered (which I often am in tournaments), so there´s that. :blush:

I´m a big fan of Phoenicus and Rekhetre! (I haven´t got many of the new ones, so not much experience outside of that, sorry) :hearts:

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Heroes I don’t think are worth leveling and/or keeping: Arman, Agnes, Oberon, Morris,Vollermork

But you never know when something will change where you would want one.

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Hmmm… Sorry I don’t get it. Let me think… Nope still don’t get it.

Why would you actually delete perfectly fine, fully ascended 3* Heroes?

Whether it is the elemental contest, or the soon to arrive monster island, SG is clearly moving towards a situation where a population of heroes matters as much as the quality of your heroes. 3* heroes are good for your various challenge/tournament events and for low levels of the elemental contest. And if you don’t have enough 5/4* heroes could be your 3* heroes that deliver the finishing blows in the W3K (definitely my setup at the moment), or the monster island.

If anything, I am planning to ascend and LB more 3*s as this game is pushing us, the players, towards using more and more of our roster…


These are the ones that aren’t good:

Gan Ju

You could feed them away because your other heroes are better.

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You don´t really have that many in the first place, I would suggest you upgrade some more. Of course a few of the ones you have are not very good, but you never know which hero gets a new costume or a buff with next upgrade. So keeping maxed out heroes is rarely a bad idea, yes they take up a bit of space, but at the level you are, space is still cheap to buy.

Thanks for the help… I don’t spend a lot on the game… My focus is more on my 5*'s… With the newer 3*'s seems some of the older ones aren’t as useful…

one thing though is that we never know if a hero will get upgraded. granted, that is more common for 5* than for 3*, in fact 3* only really get upgraded when costumes are released…

on the other hand, new heroes and gameplay mechanics keep coming out, so there may be a time when a 3* you feed away now becomes useful in the future

as for buying space, I also do not spend cash in the game. I only spend gems. might be good to keep them for now

among your 3* by the way, Bertulf is a good one. he is great for Titans, and if you do not have Sergei or Tarlak then Bertulf is a must to keep :slight_smile:

Faiez (ailment block, overheal) and Aderyn (one of only two 3* Purple healers) are also very good heroes. Rekhetre is also a good one.