Level Dupes or new slow heroes...help

Like many I am waiting for the HA hoping for non tc heroes but until then I still want to continue leveling heroes.
I am ftp and after about 18 months I have dupes of very good heroes but I feel like that boring. My other option is to level slow heroes but with meta going fast they seem outdated at least the tc20 ones.
Current roster.
All s1 4s and Atlantis but Wilbur.(no gobbler, sumitomo, agwe either but don’t need them).
5s maxed- Lianna, Kadilen, Joon, Vivica, Magni, Domitia, Mitsuko
5s partial - Grimble 3.70 Khagan 3.70, Isarnia 2.60, Elena 2.5x,
5s unleveled- Justice x2, Joon x 2, Richard, Obakan, Horghall

I have no paladin 5 so I could use Richard or Justice and my defense is pretty set so these would be for war, etc.
I have a stash of EHT for Vela attempts or spring maybe Jean-Francois or Telluria though since Grimble is only hotm after year and half it’s unlikely.
For red I could go khagan or Elena and was leaning khagan but Elena w emblems is nice on defense. Though as fighter there’s magni and bt already getting emblems. Again JF if I pulled would be first though unlikely. Mats for 1 red.
Blue is either Isarnia at 2.60 or Richard at 1.1 again he would be useful paladin. I have dupe Magni as well which I could do too. I’m going to pull for Vela with tokens and she’d be first but again unlikely. I have enough mats for 2 blue.
Purple is Obakan and I have Grimble at 3.70. I was going to max him but paused to check. I think he’s ok and I have mats for 2 dark and sartana evades me.
Yellow is Justice or second Joon but could only take to 3.70 as I have 0 darts after maxing Vivica.
Green is Horghall or wait hoping for Telluria or lucky pull for MN or maybe tarlak though unlikely.

Grimble was lucky coin pull from grimforest that gave me pixie and Grimble as first hotm. So I saved my tokens now for Vela as she’s a fast slightly weaker Isarnia type. I’m also reading on Telluria and JF and could pull in spring too.

Any help is appreciated for any color. I can’t believe I have dupes of 5s as I remember just wanting one of any color and now have nearly all the tc 5s plus dupes. Hopefully the HA is useful as only longer term players can build it and most like me want other heroes outside of tc20 even if just the hotm up to Delilah since she was last without element link. But that’s another thread. Thanks.

I set this defence for a week and did ok.

I use Elena and Isarnia on attack loads and if you can give them a bit of cover, they make defences evaporate.

Yes, the meta is fast, and if I had gravy, kage and Kingston, I’d use them.

But slow isn’t useless by any stretch of the imagination

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are all worth leveling up…

Khagan is the worst legendary of the whole game. Feed him to Elena or wait for the academy to get rid of him.


Actually khagan has improved a lot after his update :slight_smile: however i agree with the list .

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