Roster Help: Which Green and Which Purple?

Hey everyone,

I could use a little help deciding which green and which purple I should ascend. For green the choices are Zocc and Lianna, and for purple the choices are Freya, Myztero, and Grimble. For purple, it shouldn’t be too much longer until I have enough mats to do a second, so I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on who you would do second. I also have a Domitia sitting at 1-1 that I could start on if people think that would be a good second choice. I’m mostly looking to just expand my roster for good depth putting together teams for war, raiding, and Tavern of Legends. Here are my other 5 stars and maxed 4 stars:

Purple: Kunchen (+7), Seshat (+7), Jabberwock (+7), Merlin (+18), Sabina (+19), C. Rigard (will be getting emblems soon), C. Tiburtus, Gafar, Cyprian

Green: Telluria (+4), Heimdall, Margaret, Kadilen, C. Caedmon (+19), Little John (+20), C. Melendor (+13), Hansel (+18), Almur (+12), Brynhild (+11), 2nd C. Melendor, Gadeirus, Cabin Boy Peters

Yellow: Vivica, Leonidas, Malosi, Neith (3-70), Guardian Jackal (+18), Li Xiu (+19), Gretel (+15), Hu Tao (+13), Wu Kong (+12), Gullinbursti, Mist

Blue: Vela (+7), Rumpelstiltskin (+7), Fenrir, Richard, Magni (1-50), C. Sonya (+18), Triton (+18), Kiril (+(18), Capt. of Diamonds (+11), Mireweave, Boril, 2nd Sonya, Grimm

Red: J-F, Guardian Kong, Azlar, Capt. Kestral (3-70), Boldtusk (+18), Colen (+18), Kelile (+12), Gormek (+12), Scarlett (+9), Guardian Falcon (+7), Shadereave, Sumitomo, Wilbur

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!


Daaammnn you have 5* roster I want.

When it comes to green, that’s an easy choice - Lianna. You don’t have a Green 5* sniper and she’s a Top Tier hero to have maxed, even though she’s S1. Fast and her special damage is 2nd to none when it comes to greens.

The only suggestion I can make for purple is NOT to do Domitia. Seshat beats her in every way as a sniper and the meta you have between her and Jabber is already a great combo in a stack.

Wish I could give you better advice on your purples, but I don’t have any of the ones you’re considering.

Lianna for sure, with that awesome roster a solid green sniper would help a lot. Even though you don’t have other minion maker that I notice, I’d strongly recommend Freya. She’s perfect when you have that one hero left you can’t kill. Those minions do it for you!


I’m with @Chadmo on this one. I’d go Lianna & Freya

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Lianna even without costume backs a real sting - she may be a one trick pony, but she’s good at it.

Freya is a great hero… She’s definitely at her best when other attacking minions are in play (Delilah, Puss, etc) but she’s still good regardless - and as with all S3, her stats are huge!

Domitia is only really going to be useful to you as war depth (extra dispel) given that Seshat does her job better.
Myztero is frankly not very good at all and Grimble is extreme niche.

If you want a minion killer then Grimble might get some use, but I think you’ll find Freya much more enjoyable (I’m actually contemplating a duplicate at the moment! Killhare first, but second Freya may well come next)

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Thanks for the feedback so far. I sort of thought Lianna would be the better choice on the green, but was wondering if folks would think Zocc’s mana control might out weigh her great sniping ability. I think I’m going to just go for it and ascend Lianna. If nothing else, she’s a hero I’ve wanted since I started playing 2 years ago, so I was pretty excited to see her pop out of the portal a few weeks ago. I also really love mana control heroes, but I have 9 tonics so maybe it won’t be too much longer until I ascend Zocc.

On the purple, feedback is so far leaning towards Freya. I don’t have many minion spawning heroes, so was wondering how useful she’d be. But sounds like people think she’s useful even if not pared with a minion spawner. I was thinking I could use her in a green-purple stack with Telluria and Seshat, but was wondering if she’d see other use.

Myztero looks fun to use to me. I always like playing with the heroes with interesting special skills. I watched a few videos of people playing with him and he seemed useful and fun, especially against teams that cast a lot of status ailments. I haven’t paid much attention to the thread about him, maybe I should give it a more serious read.

I thought Grimble might be really useful because of all the heroes that spawn minions, especially since Telluria tanks are so common–Telly may resist minion removal, but the rest of the team won’t.

All this to say, I’m still not decided on the purple. I hope to hear some feedback.

Mindless attack it useful, but the attack on a teammate is minimal. The best part of it is their mana resets after the mindless attack. Lianna on the other hand will often one shot kill. Dead is always better and pairing her with a defense down is lights out. From what I see with Myztero he’s more frustrating than fun. But hey, whatever you do keep having fun!