Thoughts on Next Few Ascensions

Sitting on 6 scopes, 7 darts, and 5 tabards with Morlovia about to give me a sixth. Looking at diversity and depth in my roster. Have all 3 and 4* heroes in my roster maxxed, so just looking at 5* heroes at this time.

I have already maxxed:
Blue: Ariel, Miki, Magni (wCostume), King Arthur, Alice, Vela
Green: Margaret, Tarlak, Kingston, Kadilen (wCostume), Lianna (wCostume), Telluria
Purple: Sartana, Ursena, Kageburado, Seshat, Aeron, Freya, Killhare
Red: Queen of Hearts, Gravemaker, Marjana, Santa Claus, Puss in Boots, Jean-Francois, Grazul
Yellow: Musashi, Poseidon, Joon, Guinevere, Vivica (wCostume), Delilah, White Rabbit

For blue, my original plan was Isarnia (wCostume) for titans (def down and high tile damage) and fast mana tournaments. Then I pulled Magni’s costume, so while I still think Issy is a good choice, might not be the best choice.
Alternatives are: Richard (wCostume), Aegir, Fenrir, Snow White, Rumplestiltskin, Thorne.

For purple, I’m fairly certain Domitia (wCostume) is getting the tabards. Stat bonuses from costume plus the diversity of switching between dispel and cleanse.
Alternatives are: Clarissa, Grimble, Quintus (wCostume), Thoth-Amun, Obakan, Mok-Arr, Sargasso

For yellow, I’m 40/60 split between Malosi and Sif. I think Malosi is extremely good against the current meta, but I’ve got plenty of snipers in yellow and no 5* riposte heroes maxxed.
Alternatives are: Neith, Inari, Leonidas, Justice, Ranvir, Guardian Owl, Norns

My likely next greens in the queue, though I’m many tonics shy, are Heimdall and Morgan Le Fay. My next reds scheduled are Guardian Kong followed by Elena (wCostume).

Would you choose Isarnia, Domitia, and Sif as I am currently leaning? Why or why not?

sweet roster. It doesnt look like you have any holes to fill. you’re at a point where you can pursue niche use cases.

Another use case for Isarnia, on top of titans, would be rush tournaments. She might be the very best blue in the tournament. The sorcerer talent (if you emblem her) is icing on the cake for the rush tournie.

That said, Sif seems to offer more to your roster at the moment than costumed domitia or isarnia, as far as diversifying what you have at your disposal. If you had BK to pair with Sif, that would be an especially lethal duo.

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