Roster advice moving forward

I started playing in August 2018. I got an EHT in the first week and pulled Lianna. I made the mistake of working on her right away and, for a long time, I had no maxed green hero, just a Lianna stuck at 2/60, then 3/70.
I knew nothing about color stacking and didn’t see the point in having more than one hero maxed in each color, other than wars.
Eventually, I found the forums and realized how much I had to figure out. I started leveling more heroes, but I jumped around so much I ended up with a lot of half-leveled heroes.
So, in April I posted my roster and asked for upgrade advice. I have the screenshots, but to avoid flooding this thread with images, I’ll just say; I had four maxed 5*'s, five maxed 4*'s, and seven maxed 3*'s.

Now, about 3 months later, I have eight maxed 5*'s, twenty-three maxed 4*'s, and thirty-five maxed 3*'s.

I still plan on leveling more 4*'s, since there are a few core ones I don’t have maxed. I definitely wanna increase my 5* bench though. 4* mats are so rare though, I was hoping for some advice on how to proceed. Here is my current roster(some duplicate 4*'s are left out):

Hero%20Roster%2008(22%20July%2C%202019) Hero%20Roster%2010(22%20July%2C%202019)

Team 2 is what I’m currently leveling. Gretel is the only one I definitely plan on maxing. The others I was thinking of stopping at 60.

My ascension materials:

For the most part, my priorities are titans and war. I would like the best defense I can field, but I’m more interested in optimizing my titan hits and war score.

Purple/Dark: 5* options: Kunchen(3/70), Guardian Panther(3/70), Seshat(1/1), Thoth-Amun(1/1), Domitia(1/1), Quintus(1/1)
4* options: Ameonna(3/60), Boomer(3/60), Sabina(3/60), Cyprian(3/60), Cheshire Cat(1/20), Gafar(1/1), Jabbar(1/1)
-Thoughts: I wish I had this problem in every color for 5*'s, but I have too many good options. I’d like to max Kunchen, Guardian Panther, and Seshat. I only the mats for one. However, Morlovia is fairly soon. It repeats every 2 months. Halloween event has a tabard and they will likely offer one for purchase… so even without RNG, I can have 13 tabards by Halloween. Still, I’d like to ascend one soon. Guardian Panther?
For 4*'s, should I level a 4* before going to 5*? I already have two maxed 5* purples and I’m low on trap tools, too. Sabina is a great one that I don’t have maxed. Thoughts? I could ascend Kunchen or Panther right now…

Blue/Ice: 5* options: Master Lepus(2/60), Alasie(2/60), King Arthur(1/39)
4* options: Captain of Diamonds(3/60), Agwe(3/60)
-Thoughts: Very few options here. My current plan: I don’t have Tarlak, so I am very interested in Miki. Of course there is no guarantee that I’ll get him. I know Alasie is amazing, and I don’t have a blue 5* sniper. Should I wait and hope I pull Miki? I can max Captain of Diamonds and Agwe in the mean time. King Arthur is great too, but he is too similar to Frida, who I already have maxed.

Red/Fire: 5* options: Khagan(3/70), Anzogh(2/60), Mitsuko(1/1), Azlar(1/1)
4* options: Kelile(3/60), Scarlett(3/60), Sir Lancelot(3/33), Sumitomo(1/30)
-Thoughts: I’m not crazy about any of the 5* options. I actually made a thread about Mitsuko when I got her, and most people recommended maxing her. My only other maxed 5* red is Marjana, who has a tank stats with a sniper ability. I have a lot of rings, so I’m thinking Mitsuko definitely. Should I max a 4* red first? I know more options is better(bench depth). I’m very interested in Grazul, but I might not pull him. Even if I do, I don’t have a red mana troop, so no shaving a tile off :confused:

Green/Nature: 5* options: Horghall(2/60), Elkanen(2/60), Margaret(1/1), Morgan Le Fay(1/1), Kadilen(1/1)
4* options: Little John(3/60), Jack O’ Hare(1/33), Skittleskull(1/23), Gobbler(1/14), Caedmon(1/8), Gadeirus(1/4)
-Thoughts: I’m not crazy about any of my green 5* options. I’m also low on green 4*'s, so should I stick with 4*'s for now? I have 10 tonics and I think the next major green 5* available would be Kingston. I’m pretty sure Shrikewood will come around twice by then? I could ascend Morgan for war defense, but is such a niche hero worth the tonics with my small 5* bench? Should I wait?

Yellow/Holy: 5* options: Guinevere(2/60), Guardian Owl(2/60), Inari(1/1), Ranvir(1/1), Justice(1/1), Vivica(1/1), Joon(1/1)
4* options: Danzaburo(3/60), Li Xiu(3/60), Gretel(3/34)
-Thoughts: I have a LOT of yellow ascension mats. I’m currently maxing Gretel. After her? Shiloh desert is soon and I’ll have enough mats for 3 yellow 5* heroes. I only have one maxed 5* healer, should I go with Vivica? Everyone says Guinevere is the best tank in the game, but is she worth maxing just for raid defense? I care about titans, should I max Ranvir? Is he that much better than Wu Kong that he is worth it? We fight lower titans, so survivability isn’t that much of an issue right now.

Final thoughts: I just don’t wanna make a bad decision on 5*'s. The mats are so hard to accumulate. What do you think will give me the most versatility? I want to maximize my titan and war scores. What do you think about a raid defense?

Thanks to all who took the time to read all this :slight_smile:


Guardian panther and alasie both need maxed

If your alliance runs yellow tanks then guin is a priority as well

As far as KA, if u have frida maxed, then he’d be at the back of the line for blue 5s i would work on. Lepus, alasie, etc definitely ahead of him

Panther and alasie and gaderius are the only 3 priority titan heros i see. Alasie buffs all blues in a team with elemental link and that 5% per hero adds up on damage vs titans. Pamther is panther and the only hero that is a coin toss between who to max first with hel.

Anyways before i start rambling too much all over the place, I’ll just do this:

And maybe chesh if u like him on titans better than kunchen, but for pvp kunch all day


Ranvir(if u get tarlak or miki, then ranvir takes a backseat but he is an improved version of wu based on player feedback I’ve heard so far but i get by without him so wont max until 13s/14s are released and even then he’ll have a niche use based on specific colors of titans)

Guin(if ur alliance runs yellow tanks then guin is #1 yellow priority)


If u get miki before u max either of those, I’d max him first since you have no tarlak

2nd lianna


Anyways i didnt make it through your entire post before my attention span died. And these priorities that I’d place are just my opinion. No clue if right or wrong, good or bad, but is fun to think about

I can say that majority of above list are heros i have maxed and find useful pretty regularly. The only one i dont have in the list is panther but not for lack of trying lol and of course u gotta give her tabbards, it’s frickin panther


Guardian Panther 100% over Kunchen and Seshat? I do really like Alasie, but I only have six scopes… I really, really want Miki. I was disappointed when I reached my limit last Atlantis and didn’t get Tarlak.

I wish I knew what my alliance uses… I told them about the strategy of coordinated tank colors and the leader insisted on rotating colors every 3 wars until we figured out what works best. Don’t know why, most people just do whatever they feel like anyway… either way, hopefully after this war we’ll have a definite color. The leader wants purple, would that put Kunchen above Panther?

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No as far as kunch over panther. Never. Regardless of situation

U face 30 titans a month and roughly 5 titan chests
U fight 8 wars a month and only see 1 war chest

Follow the mat trail, and you’ll find the best source of mats is still titans and always has been

Titans > wars

Wars if u dont have titan heros to work on or ur smashin titans already

As far as the miki thing, what * titans does your alliance fight?

If 10 or less(and maybe even 11s), you’ll probly be able to get by with him at 3/70 easier than u can get by with alasie at 3/70

That’s based on miki beta version tho and could change upon release. If ur havin doubts about pullin the mat trigger then my answer is always wait. Mats take so long to accumulate that it’s better to be 100% sure. Best part of this tho is that you cant go too wrong choosing between those 2 heros i believe. Alasie is fail proof, u wont ever regret maxing her. Miki way he is now, and with u havin no tarlak, I’d say the same about him. So u absolutely cant go wrong in either decision in my opinion

Your alliance needs to pick a consistent tank color sooner than later btw. Having players scattered in hero/mat planning, and probly rush leveling a different tank every 3 wars is just going to hold a lot of players back in the long run. Some heros aren’t worth leveling at all besides tank position(boss wolf for example)


On average, 7*. We’ve beaten an 8* once or twice… last week we had a bad streak and went down to 6*. I was not happy :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll definitely wait until at least the first to see what the final version of Miki looks like. It’s only a week off.
Definitely pull the trigger on Panther? No situation where Kunchen or Seshat will be better?

Believe me, I know. I made the same point. Unfortunately, a decent amount of members don’t update their tank anyway, so I suppose it won’t make a huge difference… :confused:

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ALWAYS Panther first.

Alasie is the best sniper that blue has.

Ranvir for titans.

Guin can go to sleep unless for raid defense or war.

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@rigs answered everything for you I think.

Just follow what he said you wont go wrong with it.

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Miki would be a nice to have but non essential hero.

Similar to having an Aegir IMO.

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Panther has super high tile damage, fast mana, AoE, drops defense vs dark by -54%

She can make literally any dark in your roster better whether pvp or titan

So no, there is no scenario i would max sesh or kunch over panther

Kunch is slow mana with same defense drop % as tiburtus does at average mana

Kunch heals for same amount as rigard but rigard is average mana

If you’re hitting 8* titans, you’re in mid range and shouldn’t have huge need to max 5* for specific war uses yet outside of defense which without clear direction isnt worth doing yet either

Panther makes sesh hit harder, not the other way around. And panther has same dispel effect as sesh.


What you need with your roster (I guess there are a lot of $$$ in) is time and grinding.


I think I’d rather have Miki. Wu is my primary method of dealing damage to titans right now.


Okay, Panther it is. No more being indecisive. I want to get to 10 maxed 5*s. Mitsuko for red, holding off until at least the first to see the final version of Miki… definitely still undecided there. Thank you!


And - looking at your roster and your enthusiasm, you are definitely in the wrong alliance!


Definitely. I enjoy the grinding aspect. It’s just the not knowing how long I’ll have to wait for more mats makes me hesitant to pull the trigger.

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I wanted to offer but didn’t wanna poach

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I don’t see too many situations where you would be using Miki.

Using Wilbur+Wu is more cost effective. I would rather use those scopes for a hero like Alasie.

That silence is nice but again non essential.

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It’s so obvious, it has to be stated :smiley:


Alright instigator, here it is lol


If you ever have interest in leaving your alliance for something more consistent with solid players, feel free to contact me and we’ll get you into Crew-


Alright instigator, here it is lol


If you ever have interest in leaving your alliance for something more consistent with solid players, feel free to contact me and we’ll get you into my Crew!

:smiley: :smiley:


Checked before. He is one of the 3 top dogs in his alliance.

Depends very much if he wants to be an alliance of similar level members or the top dog in his current alliance. :wink:

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