Help me fix my roster!

Greetings all,

I’ve been playing for about 3 months and only recently found this forum. I realize now that I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but no looking back. I’ve spent a few hundred on gems and whatnot, and have gotten pretty lucky with my pulls. Now I’m looking to transition to the next phase of this awesome game as well as moving to a c2p model. Please help me chart a course to success.

My biggest priority is to garner as many of the rare ascension items as possible. As you can tell by my roster, my defense team is kind of a problem, but honestly I’m not sure it’s the most significant fix I can make. I hover around 1600-1800 cups. I’ve made it to platinum a few times, but the problem is that most people in that cup range vastly outpower me (~3200), so it’s difficult to maintain. I think I’m fine staying at the upper end of gold for a while longer, but I’m definitely open to suggestion.

My alliance is garbage. I’m generally in the top 2-3 taking down 5-6 star titans and in wars, which we almost always lose. And they don’t speak English. I’ve mostly been waiting to round out a better war team before jumping, but also wonder if my loot will be worse if I’m in the middle ranks of a stronger alliance.

Roster is below. What heroes do you think I should prioritize next? I have enough rare mats to max a 5 star yellow, but that’s also the only color that I can even ascend a 4 star to the last tier. I guess that’s the main question right now - what yellow should I focus on leveling? I love Wu, but I need a better fit for non-titans. I also have enough gems to do 3 x 10 pulls. Wait for Teltoc to see if I can get Jackal? Go with Li Xiu or Chao? Viv? Joon? I’m at a loss.

Any feedback on this or any other topic of note is welcome and greatly appreciated!

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Concentrate on leveling 4* for now, you will get further in the game faster that way. 5* are great but need a lot of resources that you need in other places first.
For the love of the game, find a decent alliance! You are much better off mid range on a higher star titan, than taking down the tiddlers for people who aren’t pulling their weight. There are plenty of alliances that don’t require a fully leveled war squad, look around and find one that suits you (you will be swamped by offers if you post in the recruitment section lol) We would take you, but we are full atm :frowning:


My first piece of advice: find a better alliance. Getting better titan loot is the surest route to getting more rare ascension mats, and you’ll get better loot from bigger titans (assuming you pull your weight on them). I’d look for an alliance with 25+ active members where you are in the bottom half. This gives you room to grow, while still being a solid contributor.

Sitting at the top of gold raiding is actually ideal. Push to get into platinum as you fill your raid chest; open the chest when you’re in platinum and you’ll get platinum-tier loot. Don’t worry about losing cups in between, unless you lose so many you can’t scrape your way back to platinum.

OK, roster. My standard advice is to have a solid team of 3* (you do) then build up a double-rainbow of 4* heroes. Focus your training! Few heroes are useful before they are into their third ascension, so scattering your feeder heroes around isn’t going to help you as much as building some solid teams.

Completed 3*: Hawkmoon, Azar, Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin (almost), Bane, Gan Ju, Valen, Gunnar, Brienne, Belith, Jahangir. :white_check_mark:

I think you’ve made very good choices with your rare ascension mats so far. Wu, Wilbur, Rigard, Kiril and Hansel are all top-shelf heroes that you will use as long as you play this game.

I also always train matched-color (yes, even with a giant roster, I’m still greedy for that 20% experience bonus that comes from matched training). Here’s how I’d train up your team

Suggested training:

  • Purple: Rigard, Tibertus; Kunchen
  • Yellow: Wu, Melia (for Raid Tournaments), Chao or Hu Tao*; Joon
  • Blue: Kiril, Sonya; Magni
  • Green: Hansel, Melendor, Caedmon
  • Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk; Marjana

My choice of Hu Tao is probably controversial, but I think his recent buff to 200% attack makes him a very solid choice. I also paused between Aeron and Kunchen, but I think Kunchen is a full notch better than Aeron and two notches better than Thoth. He’ll also be useful at 3/70 if you don’t get all the rare mats you need.

You’re missing any 5* greens, so I suggested a third 4* project. If you get a good 5* green, I’d probably skip Caedmon and work on the 5* after finishing Melendor.

Grimm would be nice to get – he’s the one Ramming Pulverizer hero that you’re missing (Tibertus and Gormek being the other two). These are very useful heroes; I only passed on Gormek because you have Wilbur, who is simply better for most any situation where you might bring Gormek.

Enjoy! Report back on how it’s going.


For 3 months you’re pretty far lol.

I second starting on your 4 stars. You can feed away those 2 duplicate Melias that you haven’t trained as well. (keep the one you trained already)

Also sounds like you need another alliance… specially if they aren’t even active

Your titan loot won’t be worse. In a better alliance you’re gonna be fighting stronger titans, which will make the loot tier rewards better than the 5* and 6*s you’re fighting.

For example, getting a B tier rank from killing an 8* titan gives you a loot tier of 8+1 = 9. Killing a 6* titan with an A+ rank (#1 spot), gives you the loot tier 6+3 = 9.

I say 8* titan specifically because I think with your heroes levels and trophies, you can realistically join one that is fighting titans at this level. Even if it’s a 7* titan, it’s still gonna balance itself out with the loot you get.

See this topic for more info: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You


I Really helpful advice from everyone. Thanks a lot!

The only reason I haven’t fed the Melias to this point is due to the leveled version’s special sitting on a 4/8. I like to keep the duplicates around to guarantee the special bump for cheap.

I’ve been stalking a Grimm pull for a while, but it has eluded me and I figured I’ll just wait to see it he pops out of a TC20 when I finally have it built in a few weeks.

Really happy I broke down and made this post. It seems my top priority is finding a new allicance.


I didn’t spot you had hansel, He is awesome! He makes any attack team better. It is fun trying to build up an opponents mana for a change and makes board management considerably easier.

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Yeah, Hansel has been a game changer since I got him. I did not follow kerridoc’s wise advice and just fed him everything I could muster so I could replace Skittleskull. I don’t regret it in this instance because he has been so fun. Back to color-specific training now though!

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@Kerridoc thanks for the incredibly detailed and thoughtful response. To clarify, your advice is to focus on maxing my current 4 star A-team before moving on to anything else, then move on in the order you listed? Also, let’s say I get gifted a Grimm. Does he move above Sonya?

I admit being surprised by your Hu Tao suggestion, but it makes sense. I’ve been fearful of him recently in Raids.

Thanks for the breakdown of how the monster loot works. That makes a lot of sense of something on which I was ignorant.

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Yes. :white_check_mark:

Yes. :white_check_mark:

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I concur with Kerridocs’ response (very thorough and logical). Just curious what the reasoning is for levelling Melendor before Caedmon?

Also Korf, my alliance might be what you’re looking for. We take down 6/7 titans (more 7’s these days with sight of 8 recently). English speaking, friendly helpful, recently getting full participation in titans consistently. Won the last 5/7 Wars. We also have discord to discuss team rosters/titan/wars strat. Come and have a look :slight_smile: LLAMAS IN PYJAMAS

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You want six healers in the roster for Alliance Wars.


Shout out to @korf who has come a long way since then :slight_smile:

Cheers to @Kerridoc for his advice, now korf is a powerhouse :wink:

lol thanks Frenz. You’re too kind.

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