How to do major dmg to a rare titan with 3 1*s / Bringing 1* Heroes to a 10* Titan



Well 13s and 14s will be that much more pointless in rollin out lol

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That’s a lot of resources to burn 5 titanium shields per titan flag.

I don’t think the Devs are too worried.


Lol 14s will be chained within 30 days of release and it’ll be back to the same ol same ol routine.

Wake up, burn 3 titan flags, log in at lunch to a dead titan, collect loot, twiddle thumbs til the next


Not arguing that general statement, but it will be because of a variety of teams using a variety of special items. Not from everyone using three one-stars with titanium shields every time.

I’m not partial to beta. Do you know if 13 and 14 star titans have been tested recently? I wonder if Devs will hike up the defense and health to stratospheric levels, to try and make it more difficult to master them.

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Lol didnt mean using that specific strategy. But a year ago pre wilbur, no one even wanted to bring 4* to 12*. Now people are bringing 1* to 12* so just showing how far ahead the weapons are of the game difficulty and “slightly increasing” it wont help matters. It will have to be a pretty substantial leap from 12s to 13s to 14s for there to be a real challenge with all the new weaponry and heros SG has released this past year.

And no I’m not in beta so i don’t know what the 13/14* are like, but have not heard any huge “omg they’re strong” worries either that were already front page news last year before they were released and then recalled due to not being able to string kills.

With that being said, i feel like SG is just giving the masses ample amounts of time and resources to be able to string kills almost instantly in order to avoid the same train wreck they walked into last year upon release.

Just a guess though and purely speculative


that buff that the titanium shield provides, is the icon identical to the generic riposte one? Or is it slightly different? I can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue: Can someone with better sight than me let me know?

BTW this item is OP to the max lol. No wonder it’s 5* and not allowed for challenge events, Legendary would’ve gross if this :poop: was allowed.

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Maybe it’s a silly question but why 3 and not 5?
Is it a nearby allies instead of all allies?
Anyway, was pretty funny to watch

yes, it’s target and nearby allies only. I still think it’s OP :smiley:


Yea it’s only nearby

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There’s cyprians. Shield icon coming shortly

Shield icon below


This is absolutely hilarious. Thank you for sharing. :rofl:


This looks the same as Mitsuko, right?

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No, mitsukos is blue.


This is hilarious :rofl:
It’s close to my top titan hit :slight_smile:

That’s insane…my best was 68k on an 8* :smiley:

It is above my best and for sure above my best on a rare titan of this level.
Hats off to you for this acchievment

great video!

With such amazing items the new strategy is required. How to not stun the titan and how to refill his mana asap.

Why even waste the time firing specials as well!

Its expensivo tho!
And people beware some special titans remove buffs so if you want to adopt this stategy pay attention!


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