Titan battles: Cyprian next to Vivica?


I just got Cyprian and I’m leveling him up to eventually use in Titan battles. My Titan team needs a lot of help, and I think Cyprian will really help with its couterattacks.

But who do I put him next to? I have Vivica, which, of course, is a healer not an attacker. But when I look at her stats, the number by the sword is 501, which is pretty decent in my team. Does this mean that in a Titan attack, when the Titan attacks her (assuming Cyprian’s counter attack is activated) that this number would come into play and the Titan would lose hp based on this number somehow?

Or should I keep Cyprian away from her and keep him next to offense-type heroes?


The way Cyprian works is he reflects the damage the titan dealt back to the titan. In theory, the lower a hero’s defense, the more damage would be reflected, because the more damage the hero would take.

In practice, I’d put your most resilient members beside Cyprian so they can live longer and therefore survive until the riposte is up/more than 1 hit with riposte on.

It doesn’t matter whatsoever if a hero beside Cyprian is an attacker, or a healer, or anyone else. Their offense stat also means nothing.

If titan hits a hero for 1000 damage, titan will be hit for 1150 damage (unsure if it’s reduced by Titan’s own defense). That’s all there is to it.


Thanks Ellilea! That helps me understand a lot better. I wasn’t really understanding how Cyprian works. :slight_smile: