Who gets the rings? Santa, Yang Mai, Azlar or new hero 'waiting for Neverland'?

Fire Titan team is usually BT, Khagan, Wilbur, Scarlett, J-F.

Other maxed 5*s (and non-maxed)
Fire: Gefjon,
Dark: Bera, Ursena, Sartana. (Quintus)
Holy: Leonadis, Vivica (Justice)
Nature: Kadilen (Elkanen)
Ice: King Arthur, Isarnia (Misandra & Richard)

Other notable 4* is Guardian Falcon
All the mentioned 4*s are ~+19

Mainly like hitting Titans (11*+), trying not to embarass myself in war and not quite managing to compete in challenge events!
We usually run nature tanks in war.

Currently thinking Santa as he would be a beast in rush tournament & war, but it’s a rare event. Not sure where I would use Yang Mai as I’m not keen on the random heroes like Misandra & Wu.

I plan a 10 pull on Starfall, Costume, Atlantis (July) & Underwild in the next 3 months.

Who would you choose or wait & why?

Wait for Starfall and check whether you are lucky or not. Otherwise, ascend Yang Mai, especially if you run mono since her Element Link is very useful. I would only ascend Santa if I have other Xmas heroes like Krampus and Mother North for the family bonus, and that I rather rely on Wilbur for the defense down


Not long to wait so seems reasonable! I’m more lucky with coin pulls than 10 pulls though!
I don’t have any Monk emblems left after embleming Bera but I do have Barbarians waiting for Azlar, but maybe 1 slow S1 hero is enough!

I echo what Ultra said - sounds like most reasonable option.

Santa currently is a meh. Weak damage, cleansable ailments @ slow speed, weak minions. Not really fit for current environment.

Yang Mai isn’t perfect either, but useful and with handy elemental link. Out of these two, I would go with her. If you are in doubt or think you can try and pull someone more feasible in coming future - feel free to wait for better option. Unfortunately, there’s pretty plenty ‘meh’ red heroes, so difficult to find one that’s 100% ‘go for it’ (and you’re lucky to have one of them already maxed!). I personally sit on 15 rings and have 5 reds sitting at 3.70, not convincing me enough. Can definitely relate.


I can beat that, I have 6 reds sitting at 3.70 (Elena, Marjana, Azlar, Tyr, Reuben, Natalia). Only one set of rings though and Yang Mai is getting 'em.

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Any particular reason you are rooting for her @Gorann ?

Process of elimination really. Marjana (definitely), Azlar (probably) and Elena (maybe) will be candidates if and when they get their costumes, otherwise, meh. Natalia missed her chance when I got JF. Reuben unimpressive in current meta, I’m waiting for someone to come along for whom he is the perfect counter! Tyr has his uses but I’m not especially in need of those uses. While I’m waiting for the next set of rings I plan to take Khagan (also costumeless) up to join the queue at 3.70.

So, what’s Yang Mai got that they haven’t? For me it’s mainly about the element link. The lovely BK, G. Kong and G. Falcon are all average. Throw this cat among them pigeons and they’ll be firing non-stop. Apart from that she is NEW and SHINY.


Falcon is a must unless you have costumed Marjana. Slot him in and 100k damage shall not be hard to come by given that you have BT and Wilbur.

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Who would you take out? They all have their uses, Khagan for mana up, Scarlett has attack down and J-F gives crit chance…

Khagan is the first name as his attack stats are low. You could always use some mana potions.

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I like Santa. Great tank on fast wars and T’s

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Yeah, I use Santa in war at 3.70, even the ‘normal’ wars & like him too, but I think Yang will help me more with the Titans

Khagan, JF and Scarlett are not titan specialist. JF’s crit chance from outside weakspot can have advantage but not so significant.

Scarlett with emblemed can have slot for highest attack stat (if you did not have others).

A break down for Titan slot must have, to get as much damage as possible:
Slot 1 = Attack Up: BT or can be replaced by Bear Banner
Slot 2 = Attack Boost: Miki, Tarlak, Wukong, Ranvir, Gazelle (if we have any one of them)
Slot 3 = Normal Defense down: Wilbur, Gormek
Slot 4 = Elemental Defense down: Falcon, Marjana.C
Slot 5 or the rest = Highest attack stat

Falcon can make significant increase the tiles damage.


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Huge difference with Falcon / costumed Marjana on board indeed.

I get at least 1 x 100k damage per flag on a 13* titan with the team above.

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Have to admit I don’t like using Wu and I don’t have the other boosters. Example, we have a 11* rare at the moment and 2 of out 2 times Wilbur missed when Wu was active. Not only that but also sometimes the 3 tile stun also fails because 1 of those tiles misses. If I skip him it means my peak damage is way lower, but far less very low damage turns.

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I agree with this, I only have Miki as booster, and if I face Rare-blue titan, I hate using Wu, and would also avoid using Wu if there are no heavy battle items available. I always cast Wilbur 1st, and wait if Wu special is still active. I know it is hard timing to applied in practice.

But for Falcon, it is a must use if you have elemental def down in your hand.
Best Priority on Titan in order IMO:

  1. Trio significant:Attack Booster, Def down element, Regular def down,
  2. And then +att on tiles (stone) if we have, currently there are no red heroes available yet,
  3. Then, another regular +att to optimal or bear banner, and the last is crit chance.

That is my opinion.

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Tyr is better than Yang Mai on defense.

Yang Mai is better on attack with more reds in the team. If you just run Yang Mai on a team, Tyr will be better on attack too.

Yang Mai will always be better for map stages and quest when you have plenty of time to built her stacks up.

If you use Wu Kong you have to wait for the right moment to activate him, which may be hard vs high level Titans because Wu Kong may not survive. Otherwise use mana potions to create the right moment.

If Wilbur is full use him before Wu Kong or wat for Wu Kong special to time out. I do not have Wilbur but when I use Wu Kong he is always last to fire in the row of heroes and then it is beneficial to have set up cascade of tiles.

I was thinking of her for red stacks, yes. BK is my red on defence, with JF or Vanda on optional standby. Tyr is nice though, I’d like to ascend him eventually.

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