Rigard emblem path (with costume)

It looks like picking the 2% Mana node (for 40 emblems) won’t help Rigard as he gets 5% Mana boost from the costume and 9% Mana boost from a level 11 troop, but only needs 12% to drop to 9 tiles (according to
Pollikins MANA SHEET) and the next drop to 8 tiles is well beyond the 2% buff the Mana node adds.

It kinda seems I should stop at node 18, and if some bounty of cleric nides should drop into my account, I should take the critical node instead (which also seems better on the costume side).

It seems wrong to throw the Mana buff out, but unless it’ll help the defense significantly, I can’t yet see it worth the emblems.

What am I missing?

We can choose whichever we like.

  • Mana Troop Level 5 without emblems, or
  • Mana Troop Level 1 with emblem 2%.

I have Mana troops already at Level 11–getting one there takes about 60 3* feeders so isn’t too hard (and only 18 feeders to get to L5, for the minimum I need to get >= 12% with the costume bonus).

By posting the table, are you saying the 2% on top of costume Mana and Level 11 (or level 5) troop bonus does no good?

Yes, I mean that is overload the requierement. Not saying no good, but not optimal if we have other red stack heroes that need another mana troop.

It depend on what we want to achieve. Like for me example my Red Boldtusk I have only 2x Red Mana Troop, one is level 5 and another is level 17. So I stop BT to +18, I do not need +19 (mana 2%), because I do not have other mana troop. If I can get another new mana troop, then I would likely to emblem BT+19, so that he can use Mana level 1, and use my other mana troop for other red heroes.

  • Mana level 5 + Costume or
  • Mana level 1 + Costume + Emblem

Whichever we need.
Mana Level 11 better use for very fast or Avarge hero +4% (node 20 emblem mana).

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