Troops question. Mana vs non mana

Is it better to keep my current troops in or would it be more beneficial to put in Mana troops leveln11? I recently acquired all rainbow Mana troops and just started with blue first. I’ll get to 11 when I get more food, but what would you do. Keep non Mana troops at higher level in or replace with all Mana level 11

I suggest maintaining your blue crit troop supporting your Alice by reason that it offers more defense and health stats. Even if it has inferior attack stat than the mana troop, the crit bonus may even out the damage output if not more. IMHO, mana troops are ideal for reducing the tile requirement in filling up a hero’s mana and is noticeable more on offense. Defensively, i think crit troops are better than mana troops though.

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Gotcha. Appreciate it

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I think this depends on the hero who’s equipped with the troop and also the level of the mana troop in question. Mana troops gives higher attack boost (when compared to crit troops of the same level) so can be beneficial for snipers and damage dealers. Crit isn’t that reliable and would only affect slash attacks for defense team heroes.

Mana generation on defense works slightly different from how it does on offense since there is both passive mana generation each turn as well as mana generation from the hero being hit with tiles.

@Deeznutzshawty I would equip Alice with the crit troop for now but stop working on the crit troop and give all blue feeders to the mana troop. The mana troop will help also in rush attack war/tournaments.

Nah. I still stick to my gun. Indeed, mana troop really has better attack stat multiplier than the crit troop. But the total damage output is better on the part of the crit troop than the mana troop. @Guvnor has compiled and differentiated 4* troop ranking and the top 3 highest of them belong to crit troops in terms of tile/slash attacks. You can read that here: Troop Comparison & Summary! -- Including New Ninja Troops. In the instant case, Alice already fires as a fast mana generating hero. It will shave off one tile by supporting it with a level 29 mana troop. Currently, OP only has level 10, and its a long ways to go to reach that level. MOREOVER, there is this silent/invisible 20% bonus stats to defending heroes. Since the team shown by OP is his default defense team, those crit troops would make wonders defensively.

I do agree though that you have to level mana troops to certain levels just to shave off a tile on your heroes, specially for the average and slow ones.

So would you level 1 trip at a time or get a mana to 11 and then work on another Mana to 11 etc

Wait, so I thought the milestone for Mana troops are 11 and 23.

For a very fast hero and average hero, respectively. Very fast heroes fire their specials in 6.5 tiles but it will be 5.5 tiles or 6 tiles if the hero is supported with a level 11 mana troop. Average heroes fill their mana in 10 tiles but if supported with a level 23 mana troop, you shave off one tile thus requiring you to match a total of 9 tiles instead of their default 10 tiles. Firing in 9 tiles is almost the same with a fast hero, who fills mana with 8.5 tiles. If the hero is already very fast or fast, increasing mana bonus is not really that significant since most matches are made in 3s.

For reference, please check the link I have included above.

Man, I’ve been playing this game for 2.5 years and I still don’t have a single clue what I’m doing. I just line mono colors against tank and hit go.

I am confused myself. There are still things I need to verify and learn. I see posts that fast mana heroes fill their mana in 8.5 tiles.

I’m not sure but mine is also 8, and I just copied from @flyingsolow which is quoted in your post pic.

Here is my edited table:

Mana troop on ofense significant reduce tiles, and with Costume, the gap is like this IMO:
Level 1, Level 5, Level 11, Level 17, Level 23.
So, every gap (leveled) is significant (based on which heroes we have).

Short-plan focus on 1x mana Troop level 17, other mana troop on Lvl 11, and some level 5 in each color. (Depend on heroes we want to plan stack).


I only use mana troops if they reduce the tiles needed …otherwise crit

I prefer this table since it shows which percentage is needed for each hero speed and differentiates between offensive and defensive usage though it doesn’t specifically mention the number of tiles needed

Credit to @thing2 Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

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You are only considering “tiles to fire” on offense. On defense, mana generation doesn’t work exactly the same. Having a lvl 29+ mana troop doesn’t mean that Alice gets a mana break and will fire when hit with 7 tiles instead of 8 b/c that’s not how mana works on defense. There is no cut-off mana break point for heroes on defense b/c there are too many factors (e.g: tiles hitting the defense hero generate different amts of mana depending if there is a combo and how large the combo is). Having the mana troop will affect passive mana generation and will lead to the hero firing faster, especially if on wing.

In your link, as Guv stated:

I agree that in OP’s case, he should use the lvl20 crit troop on defense at the moment. But I think he should give feeders to the mana troop and eventually lvl up it.

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