Richard w/ Costume or Vela

In the Key event I had a great deal of luck drawing Richard and Vela (along with a Bane costume). I have enough materials to speed ascend either one to 4/80 (but just 3/70 for Richard’s costume) and I was wondering which one people thought was a better use of scopes.

The argument for Richard is that I don’t have a good tank and have 350 Paladin emblems just sitting around waiting to be used (My warrior emblems are all spent on Azlar as far as the costume goes).

The argument for Vela is that she’d be killer on my Blue titan team and might be nice in defense teamed with my 4/80 Magni (thanks to the 10% critical bonus).

I would go with Richard, the 3-70 custome already provides a good amount of bonus and you just need one scope to make him an unbelievable good tank.

Is your alliance use blue tank?

Azlar use barbarian emblem not warrior.


I vote for Richard. From what I’ve seen he’s more versatile than Vela, especially with his costume.

If you need tank, go for Richard. Well, even if you don’t need tank, go for Richard :laughing: especially if you can get him to +6 right away.

Ascending costume doesn’t require 4* mats, you’ll need only capes (1x and then 4x) and they should come soon if you don’t have them now.

Vela is interesting, but she can work at 3/70

  • critical is nice, but you don’t want to stack ice heroes on defense and crit can happen only on slash attacks (and only one hit out of ten from ice heroes will crit, if Vela casted her special before)
  • critical is nice for titans, but you will very likely have her special 8/8 at 3.70 so you are not missing anything
  • her attack debuff for fire enemies is great for titans too (the same as stated above applies) - I started using mine at ±3.40 against 12* titans and she’s doing fine
  • she might have limited use in raids, but she can be useful at 3.70 and you will have Big Richard (and he definitely wouldn’t do that much at 3.70)

Couple small corrections here on this thread about the costumes

Emblems can ONLY be given to the base hero… The costume inherits the emblems node grid from the base hero

So Barbarian Emblems aren’t a consideration.

Two issues with this.

  1. You cannot ascend a costume beyond the tier that the base hero is at. I.e. if Normal Richard is 3-1 or 3-70, the costume can AT MOST be levelled to 3-70… It cannot exceed the chevron of base hero
  2. Costumes require 3x of the 3* colour specific mat for final ascension. So it’s 3x Warm Cape for the costume (no scopes needed).

For more information about the ascending and levelling a hero costume check out this thread:

Also highly recommend reading this FAQs thread. It covers in greater detail the mistakes in thinking I’ve briefly outlines above.


5* costumes require 4x of the 3* color specific mat, according to the guide. :slight_smile:


Was thinking of the 4* final ascension which is 1x of the colour specific mat

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Yeah, sorry, I meant barbarian, not warrior.

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Right, but he mentioned to bring Richard to 4/80 and the costume to 3/70.
This means an additional bonus for Richard, even if it is not the maximum.

I see, but this would make it much more easier as expected :slight_smile:

My mistake if that’s the case. Thought he/ you were talking about leaving the hero at 3-70 and just ascending the costume further :smiley:

Wow, no scopes needed for final ascension with the costume? If that’s true then I guess Richard really is the obvious choice. I have 20something capes waiting to be used.

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Thanks for the links! Super helpful! I was woefully uninformed!

No no. You still need the 6x to ascend the NORMAL hero.

Just don’t have to do much to ascend the costume too :slight_smile:

I was originally thinking it was going to require 12 scopes total. If it’s just 6 scopes and a bunch of capes I should be good to fully ascend both, given time for food to regenerate. lol

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Ascend both meaning Richard and his costume … NOT Richard and Vela. She’ll be stuck at 3/70 for a while.

Yup that would be my vote :slight_smile:

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I’m a little curious why Anchor’s grades has Vela rated higher than costumed Richard though.

The grades are pretty solid in general, but there’s always going to be some weirdness there. They give Elena an A for tank defense, and Richard a B. I don’t think you’ll find a single person here who thinks Elena is a better tank than Richard…

You will not only find one but two and maybe more.

I have more trouble against Elena than Richard even though I have plenty dispeller and cleanser while my blue squad is also better then green squad.

@IvyTheTerrible seems to think so too:
Who is the Best Vanilla Tank? 🍦

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