Revisit Costume Thorn

Costume Thorn

Is there a case to be made to level up costume thorn vs. magni?

Before the new magic tower troops i would have said no because, because he is stuck at average speed. But with Magic troops factored in think costume Thorn may be better.
4% sorcerer talent
5% costume
17% lvl 23 magic troop will give him
=26% mana boost

This will make costume thorn fire in 8 tiles and therefore would now begs a comparison with heros like Magni.

If he uses his special (total 50%), he can load in 7 tiles in the next three turns. Unfortuneatly he cant become very fast as this would require 66% mana.

As Thorn has much better survivability due to better defensive stats is he a better choice?

i know magni with costume bonus can reach approx 1000 attack stat though his special is much lower 420% vs. 540%

cThorne needs a high mana booster to reach 5 tiles or even 4 tiles.

I have both and to be honest they are both good to have. But I use Costume Magni more.

@JGE I know its an old thread but I recently got C Thorne and was checking some threads around him.

I would take him over plain Magni for sure.

HA10 threw both at me and I am deciding between them (C Thorne or Magni) as I don’t have any other blue option at the momement.

In my honest opinion, I would prioritise Costume Thorne over plain S1 Magni …

Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thanks for your reply!

As a followup, do you think he fits well in this defense team using a reverse double formation (Rigard and LiXiu at the back)?

Feedback wanted!

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Howdy TTT. Well the best defense is with the best players you have. Seeing what you have there C Kad is an A+ defensive hero, Lewena is an A and C2 Li Xiu is probably a B+.

C Thorne is an average speed sniper with good power, but honestly he doesn’t do much. Best it does is kill only one enemy, and the lowering mana generation is an after thought. If that is your best Blue and are willing to give him the telescopes, have at it. But for the most part as you progress, Thorne will eventually be forgotten.



I use costume Thorne… But just as a sniper… He is easily replaceable with any other sniper.

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Given your choice c thorne gets the nod. But I don’t remember using him in the last year or more. He was my defender for some time when he was released but that’s very old story. If you are free to play he can be useful till your next best blue shows up.
His snipe and mana boost for 3 turns is decent

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Thanks for your feedback guys!
I guess he can bench for a while then…

I have been playing for over 3 years as a P2P and still I only managed to grab C Throne, Magni, Miki, Isarnia as my 5* blue heroes… none are good on defense… so I get really excited when I get a blue 5* lol… out of the above ones Isarnia is the only one I pulled, the rest are from HA 10 within the last 5 months… so you can see that the 5* summoning gods are not on my side :smiley:

Anyway I will continue my current blue 4* projects and he can wait… MAYBE HA 10 spits another blue at me by then :crossed_fingers:

Lewena for me is B- at best, probably C+. If she knew how to code, she would be C++ :rofl:

What do you guys see in her that makes her stand out from other hit all?
If she is an A, Hachiko is S+ and Jove is a USS Enterprise

Pair with an all defense down she hits hard. Or her own she’s good and I’m a sucker for a hit all

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I think @Chadmo said everything well: depends who else you got :slight_smile:


I pulled ray… And i mostly forget about his elemental def down at 34%… But he can go off at 5, lew at 7… So a nice little fast combo.

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I really like my C.Thorne and he is LB. He isn’t very good in defense but he is useful in attack. Based on your other blues I would say that he is worth mats (and I guess you have plenty of scopes).

It might also depend on your playstyle, I like to have a sniper in my war team that can kill the most dangerous hero with lower HP. C.Thorne was actually 1 of 2 heores that made me like snipers again.

He don’t have any useful buffs/debuffs but his damage is high and with 5% mana bonus from costume you can charge him in 9 tiles with lower level mana troops.

And base version with costume bonus can do some good damage in challenge events, with some buffs and debuffs.


Yes sir!! Glad to see a positive experience with C Thorne! I will take him to 3/70 and see if he fits within my roster then! Regardless I am very excited that I grabbed him :smiley:

What mana troop level does he need to fire in 9 tiles? My blue mana troop is level 12 now so 9% mana bonus.

Any average speed hero needs a total of 12% worth of mana bonuses to charge in 9 tiles. His costume bonus puts him at needing 7% more. 2 or 4% can come from mana nodes (depending on whether you are using the cb or c version).

FWIW I use the cb version on offense regularly with ccMagni and Lord Loki. I prefer the splash damage to the single target sniper. I have not found his mana bonus to be especially helpful. The cb version is considerably tankier (with a correspondingly lower attack), so it gives you some options on whether you want to hit harder or be tougher.

Whichever way you go, getting him to +20 so he has the superior talent makes him a much better hero.


Thanks for sharing your experience! Good to see another positive feedback! Seems like he will do well on my roster.

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Mana troops level 5 or higher are enough with 5% bonus from costume.

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