Retire Kunchen as tank for Telluria?

I’ve been running Kunchen+12 as my tank for but have recently finished leveling up Telluria. I’m currently running Alberich - Khagan - Kunchen - Leonidas - Alasie. I’m mostly using Khagan just to help boost mana speed of Alberich/Kunchen and would replace him with either Marjana or JF in any other team

Would it be worth switching from Kunchen as tank to Telluria and if so, what would be my optimal defense team? That would have chain effects across my raid team as I’d probably swap out Alberich for Sartana. Mist interests me as an alternative to Leonidas and a way to replace the DEF down from Kunchen but I’d need to strip emblems from him to increase her survivability. Alternatively, swap Alasie for Isarnia since Alasie does clash with Telluria.

My options are:
Purple: Kunchen, Sartana, Victor (3/70), Domitia (3/70), Proteus+18, C. Rigard
Yellow: Leonidas, Ranvir, Vivica (3/70), Neith (3/70), Justice (3/70), Mist
Red: Khagan, Marjana, Grazul, JF (3/70), Elena (3/70), Boldtusk+18, Wilbur+18
Green: Alberich, Telluria, Evelyn, Horghall (3/70), Lianna (just pulled and am leveling)
Blue: Alasie, Isarnia, Grimm+18
I have AMs to ascend any of my 3/70’s, just have not yet.


Do you need a better tank? (do you maintain 2400+ cups overnight?)

If you are, then there isn’t really a need to IMHO… Defence doesn’t mean anything other than being a platform to get to Diamond Arena to open chest/ raid in… If you’re already there then I argue there isn’t any real need to “improve”

What you are proposing doing is shifting a large amount of emblems around. This costs a huge amount of resources which can (probably) be better spent on levelling Troops / Building Battle Items (for events) or buildings…

Just my $0.02


You raise a good point. I usually hold around 2500 cups or so overnight so I don’t necessarily need to change. I guess I want an excuse to play with my new toys :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t help you with that one… It’s worth noting that “playing with your new toys” is better done on offence (where you actually play) rather than on defence (where you literally do nothing…)


Kunchen for yellow titans, a couple of Rigards (costumed if possible) for every other situation.

Telly is the first tank that can hold 2700 cups and protect you from heavy drops after a climb.

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