Which defense team to build?

I’m waiting on my 6th tabard. I was going to max Kunchen, but now I’m thinking I might do Alfrike instead.

My current defense team: C. Sartana (no emblems 'cause they’re on JF)/Bai Yeong/Telluria/Jean-François/Master Lepus

The one I’m building: C. Joon/Kunchen/Telluria/JF/Lepus

Another option I could take: C. Joon/Alfrike/Telluria/Marjana/Lepus

My alliance is running green tanks, so Telluria’s staying long-term. I really like JF and I’m very proud of his synergy with Lepus, but it might be time to move on to better things. I’m very fond of JF and stripping his emblems would be hard for me, but I also like Alfrike and she may be worth it.

My other reservation on maxing Alfrike is that Kunchen would be my first true 5* healer. Telluria’s my current healer, but she’s not exactly built to take that entire role.

And here’s my 5* roster, in case you get other ideas:

What would you recommend? I have 14 telescopes, 11 rings, 9 tonics, 5 tabards, and 0 darts. If I don’t max Marjana for defense, I’ll probably max Misuko as my next red–after Wilbur, Joon, and maybe a dark 5*.

You cannot leave Odin out, Get more Emblems, Dude. You cant strip Telluria, because of War tank Situation, right? Time to suggest a different Tank color :wink:

You should also reconsider your whole Alfrike Flank game. Because of her very slow Mana she is basically just a dead hero in defence Formations. There are more dangerous alternatives to support your heros. CSartana would be great, which Brings me Back to my First suggestion: get more Emblems, dude :slight_smile:

In short, I would prefer not to. :joy: I have around 300 more than needed to max one 5* in each class, and I usually don’t care enough anymore to finish challenge events of any of the 3 rarities. I’m still chewing through the 10-stage 5* Starfall event (only 5*), and that’s stretching my motivation. Too much work for me now. :laughing: I’ll want something more within reach

You should really do Alfrike, you already have Clarissa and Sartana as alternate purple defenders and Telluria as tank. For attacks Rigard is good enough, Kunchen can wait.

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