Cleric Help - Kunchen vs Mother North w/Rigard C and Mist looking on

Have a first world problem that is splitting my head and has emotional complications.

I love my Kunchen +18 who tanks for me but I have an alternative in Ursena +18 (currently flanking) and she will likely go to +20.

IF I pull the cleric emblems from Kunchen I doom him to bench fodder BUT I could give MN emblems and have her flank Ursena (maybe wing) and also give some to Rigard to bump his costume and maybe even a bit of help to Mist.

A HUGE waste of resources spent on Kunchen if I do this and I am very attached to the Kunch. Does it make sense to do this? MN is occasionally a problem when I raid but rarely so it seems this may not be the best way forward.

I don’t have MN nor Kinchen nor Ariel nor Vivica costume sooo…
My clerics are Costume Rigard +19 mist +19 Hansel +19 rigard +5…
And I’m so happy with them!
With Thoose emblems I would only have 1 5* at +19…


Thank you. Any personal insights on Mist at +19? She was my most desired S3 hero when it launched, very pleased to have her.

Kunchen was destined to be my tank from the moment I got him and I subscribe to the notion of max emblems on the tank at the very least. He also comes on all attacking raids so he is a mainstay, stripping him back = retirement.

Costumed Rigard is excellent and emblems bring him up enough that he can play hard in the 5* realm.

I don’t have to give MN emblems but it seems silly to “waste” her and Kunchen. If I weren’t so attached to Kunchen it would be easier.

There isn’t a need to rush since the defense does what it is supposed to do and with Malosi coming there will be a shakeup for tanks.

She is great… I didn’t used drake too much but now he does significant damage…
But the main atribute it’s the mana ailment… It’s a lot and saves my ■■■ at wars…
After lvling sif I’ll lvl another mist…
She’s my tank on this tournament 5-0 so far


Also used her this tournament attacking with jackal and gretel and it’s massive damage…


I was in the same situation… emblemed kunch.

Stripped him for two rigardC’s and haven’t looked back.


Speaking as one who has and fights Kunchen but doesn’t have/only fights MN, I don’t think she’s that great. I don’t recall any raid or war battle her resurrection has lost me. (Alby has lost me 2 or 3 raids and a good few war battles, still not that much.) But Kunchen tanks, they start going off you’re in serious jeopardy.


No doubt he can be a real pita. But with urs as a back up, I think the OP can make better use out of the emblems.

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Ursena is a superior tank to Kunchen.

Mother North is a game changer on offence and super useful on defence too.

To me it’s a no brainer.


Thank you ALL very much for the thoughtful replies. I believe that I know what I should do and because I have an attachment to Kunchen I am reluctant to do so.

Second Rigard costume is maxed but the underlying hero is only 4-1 so have some time before he can take emblems.

I think I’ll pull the trigger sometime mid-April when I can make the move in one quick motion.


All the Cleric emblems that I have accumulated since I started playing (and didn’t waste so uselessly earlier) are on just 3 x 4 stars and one Hawkmoon costume (only a + 6) and I have a feeling she may not keep them for too long. The grand Total!! 364 emblems (in use) and 13 in the inventory. Exactly how does a person become in possession of over 1400? EDIT: that sounds like I’m accusing you of something. The reality is I am curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

@sft1965 Well I just did all trials… Finish all tournaments in top 1% speed up some chests…
I mean I didn’t even bought them I have around 1400 emblems of each category… And I see many ppl with heroes at +19 and +20 that require the same amount of emblems…
So I don’t know what’s your doubt? Almost everyone in my alliance have this amount os emblems

How many 5* do you have in total?

Your low number of emblems is the odd one

Costume rigard is so, so good.

Now instead of a super-durable 5* nothing but a tank who has been dropped from meta since, you got three 5*. Two of them are at +7 emblems power and can compete in epic events and tourneys. Amazing bang for your buck.

I run a +20 costume rigard tank in wars and performs better than +14 domitia lol

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That is probably because it is a 3 star and so each node (the talent) unless stated otherwise is always 14 and each node encompasses 2 steps worth 7 (e.g. those extra expensive steps like a critical attack or the health bonus/attack bonus steps are mostly kind of ignored but then I was not trying to produce a mathematical proof either). It is literally the back of an envelope thing; the estimate seemed which to accord with what I had definitely received and then comparing totals with an unpleasantly common emblem that I literally have only one use for and Carver doesn’t deserve much more love (if he ever did in the first place). I literally have two different others (same class) and one will definitely never get levelled and the other is in queue. It might happen? Who knows?

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