Poseidon and the best position to play him

I know that it matters which other hero’s you play him with, but what are your thoughts on the best position to play him

In high platinum / low diamond raids, I see him most used at tank. I don’t have him yet, but I congratulate you on getting him!

Tank??? No. He is best at flank or wing. He’s a waste at tank.

I’ve NEVER seen him at tank in diamond.

I tank him in diamond right now, flanked by Kunchen and Kage. Alter between Kunchen and Poseidon tank - they both hold cups at around 2500-2600 over night, but I tend to get attacked more with the same win/loss ratio tanking Poseidon - giving me more to choose from when it comes to revenges.

He’s definitely not a bad tank with some emblems, and his special protects against some of the most dangerous attackers in a purple stack (provided Seshat isn’t in the mix and other dispellers aren’t ready to go…).


I hate Kunchen the most when attacking. If he fires you are in deep, deep trouble and he resists the -defense. Poseidon is a great sniper, but if he fires it isn’t that bad. He usually won’t even kill and if he does it’s just one team member. He isn’t the worst tank, but he is so much better at flank/wing than tank (IMO).

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He’s pretty allround :). As you say, Kunchen can be an annoying tank. But to me half the point of raid def is inviting to attacks where you in a perfect world win at least 50% and the losses make for cheap chest filling via revenges.

Using that perspective, Poseidon is a splendid tank. Not too scary, not a pushover.


Poseidon’s best asset is his ability to protect your team from mana ailments (and maybe his beard and his over-sized right hand) while also packing a punch. The reason why this is so important, is because in offensive raiding, a lot of opponents will be using mana inhibitors like Proteus and Hel. Putting him in tank position will usually get him killed by purple stacks without him being able to fire. You want him in flank position to support your tank and team.

I have Poseidon +6, he has quite good stats and he could work as tank but I usually deploy him on the wing.

Guess you could use him as tank if you don’t have anything better, but I think it’s not his role. And I very rarely see him in that position

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