Red three stars. Who should I feed to others

I am a loaded player. I have crudloads of 5 and 4 star heroes maxed. But my question is on 3 star heroes. I use them on the Beginner Challenge event. I have 3 of each color (maxed), but 4 for red. I feel I only need 3 of each color, so I am thinking of killing/trading one of my 4 3* reds to make more room.

Who should I keep/kill

  1. Hawkmoon
  2. Azlar
  3. Squire Wabbit
  4. Nashgar

…or should I have four of each color. I would love feedback.

Ok, forum! Do your worst!

I would save all 4 of those. You can always use 30 leveled heros for alliance wars. Those are good 3*s, I wouldn’t eat any of them unless you had leveled 4s in addition.

Thanks, but I have a full roster (34) of 4 and 5 stars. I am only concerned with Beginner challenge events.

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I keep either Azar or Nashgar then…along with Hawkmoon and Squire

Ha! : )

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How much gems are you spending when you increase the hero cap?

From those 4 I’d say get rid of Azar. She is the weakest hitter and the mana control is not enough to justify that.

Do you really need that space so bad?

I would get rid of Azar if I had to. Didn’t upgrade her on my own account, nash and wabbit are better.

I don’t “need” it. I have spent gems to boot my hero cap, so I actually have plenty of room, but more is nice. I am just cleaning house. My hero roster is a mess. I pull a lot of 3*s in a regular month of play and they are super quick to max so not the end of the world.

What I am really looking for is player experience hitting the top 100 in beginner challenge events and who they use.

@EvilSmoothie, Kinda my feeling also. Hawk, duh, one of 2 healers. Wabbit, duh, big hitter super rare. Nasgar, good to meh? Same for Azar, but a little more meh… But I would love more feedback on good Red 3*s.

Iv’e been fighting with 4s and 5s for so long I find it hard to rate 3*s for challenge events.

I’d say Nashgar is good. As he is the hardest hitter after Wabbit. Hawk as you said. Azar is pretty much meh category.

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