Red tank option

We’re using red tanks for war and i recently pulled Tyr in Valhalla. Currently using JF in that position but my emblems are sitting well with Zeline. Magni is using my fighter emblems but, since he is not in my main defense team, i could switch the emblems to Tyr.

Any hands on experience with these 2 as tanks??? I could switch emblems from Zeline to JF and use Lianna for the green slot in defense.

With the emblems i have they would look like this (health + defense route)
Tyr +17
Attack - 790
Defense - 850
Health - 1495

JF +17
Attack - 737
Defense - 834
Health - 1512

Tyr isn’t the worst, but his relatively low damage and solo buffs means your hoping his resurrect kicks in to be a nuisance in order to be useful because he isn’t going to hurt anyone very much.

I think his best war Def roll is wing where the resurrection is supported by field aid or arrows.

I don’t have JF, but I think I’d be a lot more worried about triggering him than Tyr in war

Tyr is really an offensive beast.

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JF snowball much more than Tyr on war defense as a tank. Not sure what troop lvls you have but overall JF dot with them+defense buff should get you a 400/420 dot.
I do like a heavy emblem Tyr on war defense when you have healing aid thou, but if I have to choose one. I much rather go for JF, he is also much more usefull on offense imho.


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