Guardian Kon, Lady Loki or Elena to be Ascended for Offensive Raid Team

Folks, I have GK, LL, and Elena sitting at 3/70. I got one set of rings. I have Tyr and another Lady Loki on the bench,

My other Red heroes are Scarlett fully leveled, BT +4.

I want to make an offensive team for Raiding (basically to fill daily Enemies Chest).

I m mostly playing 4+1 team (above 3 5* + BT and regular Melondor +7).

It will be helpful if any of you give me suggestion for offensive team or even a restructure.

Additional Info -

Blue Levelled up 4* heroes - Sonya+15, (Kiril, Boril, Grimm, Jott fully leveled), Magni 3/70.

Purple - Cyprian, Rigard, fully leveled, Clarissa 4/25

Yellow - Norns 3/49, Wu Kong, Li Xi, Guardian Jackel

Green - Evelyn 4/59, Melendor, Cademon Regular, Hansel.

Thank you in advance.

BT and Kong work well together, attack up with BT and then a great hit all + cleanse from Kong.

Elena is more situational and slow speed.

I’ve not used Lady Loki

Yeah, I have noticed them working well together. Basically a 5* cleanse it and add on when u use GK.

Lady Loki is indeed a game changer but only when used wisely otherwise no use of her.

It seems to be you still need some deep in your 4* red roster . Do you have another Bolstusk? A falcon or a wilbur? If yes id max them before continuing working with 5* stars.

Anyways from those you have the less desirable is Elena. Although she has the highest attack stat of all shes also fragile and slow.

Guardian Kong is a good offensive tool, a red that is fragile but at average speed and he hits hard too.

I havent try Lady Loki but ive heard good comments

This hero seems to be more balanced in stats that your other choices and in a status aliment meta with GM, Vela and telluria you can hit harder than those initial %150 of the ability


I do have Wilber, but he is at 2/30. It will take quite time to fully level him. He need Emblems too as he is weak on defense.

Im not sure what you mean. If you mean the defensive stat he has 690. Pretty high for a 4* star hero and much sturdier than kong or elena.

Plus you can combine him later with BT and other reds to make massive damage. I will give him priority. Hes cheaper and faster to level and you will have a game changer hero.

Otherwise , from the 5* you listed i will probably pick GK and being LK very close but more situational or meta dependent

What I mean that I have seen many raid defense teams had him and was quite easily beatable.
I will start maxing Wilber.
in case of 5* I m getting +ve towards GK now as his cleanse seems more useful.

Yes, sure , hes not good on a defense team but is a cool offensive tool if used wisely. For example GK WilBur and BT could make massive damage.

You will use wilbur in events too.

Good choice GK , i will probably would max him too unless someone here has solid arguments to max LK instead

Maxed my LL yesterday…today morning filling my raid chest I got to 2840 cups (my record). So I am fully satisfied with her right now :smile:

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