Which red 5* hero should I ascend next?

Hi guys!
today i was lucky enogh to pull cap. kestrel…now, having Ares and Zimkitha maxed, which one should ascend next?

  • Mitsuko
  • Kestrel
  • Anzogh
  • Grazul

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Given you ready have two buffers, I would look at getting some damage dealing heroes in your red teams, particularly want ones with higher attack stats to take advantage of the Attack Buff from both Zim &/or Ares.

I personally would be voting for Kestrel seeing as he’s got the best attacking stats & damaging special of the four options.

An argument can be made for Anzogh in a stack attack with Wilbur and Falcon but I prefer Kestrel even in that situation (Kestrel is DoA3, same as falcon).

Kestral is also more annoying/ devastating in defence in more than the one position too (can be flank or wing). Anzogh is pretty meh on defence and Mitsuko is a good tank but not overly threatening elsewhere.

Only argument that really may sway the decision is Mitsuko’s reflect and that she’s sorcerer class. rarer to find an emblem sink in sorcerer class compared to Rogue class…

Overall tho, because of the damage in special and tiles + versatility in offence and defence I would vote (& ascend) Kestrel…


Just to give some information…my current defense team is:

Mother north (9), zimkitha (9), guinevre (11), ursena (9), misandra (11)

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So likely none of the options will make it to defence…?

An option might actually be to:
Mother North -> Misandra -> Guinevere -> Ursena -> Captain Kestrel

Just as an alternative… Would give me more pause to see another damage dealer than Zim (personally as I don’t really think I’ve struggled against Zim…)

your idea could be a valid alternative…i usually prefer to give priority to the most versatile heroes…and it seems that kestrel can be good at events too. Maybe there have been some changes, since i remember no one considered Kestrel XD

The rogue embles are on khiona at the moment…would you suggest to switch to kestrel?

I’d love to get him & would ascend him immediately.

There are not really any direct damaging red heroes… Not that deal concentrated damage.

Yes there is Marjana but her attack stat doesn’t really line up with being a sniper & as such actually diminishes the overall damage she could do… Kestrel on the other hand has ~100 attack points more than Marj so even with a smaller sniping % his damage comes out pretty similar… But to 3 enemies…

To your next question, I would consider switching emblems from khiona to Kestrel but only if you’re finding him more versatile & useful.

Can always split the new emblems onto Kestrel for the interim and (if he makes your defence & war defence) pump the rest across

Grazul to counter Telluria…

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In a vacuum, I’d say Grazul is the best option because that status immunity at very fast mana is hugely useful, and has only become better with Telluria’s arrival. She also works great in conjunction with Zim when you have multiple threats to deal with. The trade off is her abysmal tile damage, and with Ares and Zim as your current reds you don’t have a lot of base tile damage to begin with. Since Grazul is relatively tanky at 3.70 she can still do her job with some effect without rings, so I’d leave her for now.

To me, it comes down to Mitsuko and Kestrel. Mitsuko is excellent on offense whenever you need to negate a blue wing. I find she is also pretty reliable dealing with average speed blue flanks, but fast blue flanks can be a problem, and not having her ready to smack down a Vela flank can be annoying. Mitsuko also suffers from pretty mediocre tile damage, and Ursena is a higher emblem priority.

I don’t have Kestrel, but in your position I think I’d go with him. While he isn’t a tile monster, he at least has a decent base value, and his special can do quite solid damage for fast mana. I don’t think he should displace Zim on your D team, assuming equivalent emblems, but he should help everywhere else.

Oh, and I know some people swear Anzogh is good, but it sounds to me like combining him and Falcon/Wilbur/attack-buffer-of-choice is what making him really work, and that’s really an argument for how good those heroes are, not Anzogh.

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Going strictly by the unscientific measure of who has kicked my a*ss with disturbing consistency lately, Misuko.

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