Ascend Kadilen and/or Anzogh?

QUESTION: Should I wait for better ones or should I ascend one ore both of them?

I currently have following max 5*
M.North, G.Owl ( he sucks, maybe I don’t pair him right?), Richard, Khagan.

Waiting for ascend: Kadlien and Anzogh have the mats. I also have Magni Vivica and Justice in progress all in early 2 or 3 chevrons and being fed.

max 4* (+n means badges) I have lots:
Wilbur+10, Sonia+9, Tiburtus+11, Two Melendors, Boldtusk, Gormek+10, Boril, Kiril+7 , two Rigards one is +11, Grimm, Scarlett+7, Wu Kong Colen+11 Gretel, Caedmon +9, Hutao, lixiu

Also have maxed 4* Buddy in green. He is good.

A tier: Magni, Vivica
B tier: Anzogh, Kadilen Justice

Anzogh could act as a healer/dps for your raids and wars.

With a developed Magni I would try this team as defense:

@FraVit93, a question to your suggestion, Owl is very slow and MN is slow, why both in wings?
Note that, I’m new to this game (around 2 month).

They wouldn’t have much of an impact into the other places as Guardian Owl would deals more damage with less allies being alive and Mother North’s greatest asset of resurrecting heroes would be reduced with an early cast.

The three central (damaging) positions then should stall the more possible to let the other slow heroes gain enough mana while also dealing a great amount of damage :wink:


thanks FraVit. I am of the same opinion that Kadilen is less than impressive so I think she will not get the ascend.

Anzogh though I will think about, I have to try him when at 3.70 paired with Wilbur. I wo der if anyone tried him maxed.

Classic 5* hero

Kadilen is the only Classic 5*, fast mana speed, attack all enemies.

But your roster will not support her. See notes.


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I agree. Especially given other choices made and heroes summoned.

Owl is also very durable, Owl’s self HOT and MN’s immediate heal + minions all stack making Owl nastier.

Also it looks scary which might cause some attackers to reroll.


You have made some interesting emblem choices.

But I am surprised you have not given Boldtusk emblems. Revive on a high DEF stat healer is nasty for center on defense and last man standing ( anchor) on attack.


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Thanks for the advice, Gryphon. I agree, don’t see how to fit roster with Kadilen, I want to keep M.North In the defense roster. Thing is about BTusk, I put emblems on Colen before I had BT maxed so I am stuck for now. I also have emblem Rigard in my main defense currently. Although is useful to pair BTusk, on offense with Gormek. They activate at the same time. So they are tough green killers.

I am planning to pair Wilbur and Anzogh as well when Anzogh is 3/70 to see the results. They activate at the same time. There could be good fit. I could drop a healer in raids maybe, but we’ll see.

You can move the emblems from Colen to Boldtusk, they aren’t stuck there

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