Death by Gnomes is recruiting or bringing a merger in

Death By Gnomes is recruiting at the moment. We are looking to bring the alliance up to 30 members.

Most of us have been together a long time, even started out in another game together.

Hitting the titan is essential.
Wars are expected.

We know real life happens and expect that. We currently have members deployed. We just ask that you opt out of wars.

We are very low key and drama free.
We all want better titans and better loot.

18+ due to language
We’re all about having fun.

Please join us, mergers into our alliance welcomed.

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Hey there, how many ppl u need? Do u guys use line? Are u high lvls only? Are u only absorbing mergers? Do u offer booze?

We range from 69 (hehehe - sorry to easy -lol) to the mid 30s. One player is 24 lvl but he’s new…and is active.

We have one person who is deployed so we’re trying to save their spot ( and his GF). He did say kick him/them if we need to spot(s). So for that reason we’re looking for a merge into the group. Or others to join.

We have a line group but it’s not used a whole lot. It’s Death by Gnomes.

We’re really looking to get bigger titans and better loot in the wars. I’ve seen some people get numerous ascension mat for missed 14* titans with a D rating. I could live with that. :joy:.

I recently became the leader but have been with this group for at least 2 years. There are 2 members who o have known for about 5 years and played GOW with.

We’re open to name change or merger. Who ever you want to be co-leader, elder, etc. I’ve been pulling on mercs to finish off the titans when we need. Trying to recruit - which is really not that easy.

How many people do you have?

Are you bringing the pizza and burritos of we have booze? Lol

We are very very laid back. Understand RL happens but we ask people to opt out of wars if they can. Don’t have tank rules. A lot of us hit in wars at the end to try and make the other side think it’s a dead alliance so they may overlook hitting us. We’re very open to new ideas and strategy if you have suggestions.

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What’s your line id? I know a few places that may be interested

I couldn’t find it in the group. The link is…

I’ll double check with the owner if the line chat and post it when I get it.

We’d really appreciate any help you can give us whether you or others want to join. Thank you!

I believe the group chat is just:

Death By Gnomes

Hmmm line link being wonky. What’s your line id? Or anyone i can reach out to?

I believe Death by Gnomes is the group id. Mine is cracka_land. One of the co-leaders will double check the group id tomorrow. She’s not able to do it right now.

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Message is incoming… :beer:

Sporty, we’ve got about 14 or 15 looking to merge in with somebody. Or alliance (Muad’Dib) is about 4 years old, but for various reasons it’s time for a fresh start. We’ve got a couple of lower level folks, but mostly big-■■■■ hitters. We do have a couple of folks who don’t participate in wars, though (opt outs). Let me know if you’re interested, maybe we could work something out.

We have room for 18. Could be 20. We have one person deployed overseas and have been holding his spot and his GFs spot. Told us to kick them if needed.

We have level 69 at most and one newbie who joined at 24 (has been doing well).

We been together for about 1000 days. Some rotation. It happens. What can you do? We’re very laid back. And understand RL and have a few who opt out of wars.from time to time. I’ve had to do it myself. So those other out shouldn’t be an issue.

Seems Like we could learn from some of your groups experience as well looking at some of your levels.

Everyone gets along great. Some are very quiet in chat. But they hit when they need to. A few of us started out together in GoW and have know each other for like 7 years? We typically discuss things as a group l, like the idea of recruiting or entertaining a merger in.

The titles are not that big a deal for us. So if that’s a concern everyone can keep their titles. A name change would be open as well. Like Mentioned, we’re very laid back and just like to have fun and would like to see more loot at the same time

Let me know if you’re interested. Some of us have LINE, not a lot.

That actually sounds pretty good. Let me talk to our folks about it. One word of semi-caution, I suppose, if we merge enemies are probably going to get much tougher all around. Our in-game philosophy is very much like yours (we let folks leave for months at a time and then come back, etc), we’ve always had RL to deal with, but wars and titans may become much more challenging. I really think we’ll work well together, just want to let you know.

We had higher titans and bigger wars in the past. The challenge was fun. Made us strategize more. Plus the loot was better. I have had to call in “mercs” or “the vultures” to help clean up a few titans. Last time I forgot it was war time. I’m like no one is coming. Then it hit me…duh…war…they can’t come help. Lol

If everyone does their best while handling RL…that’s all we can really ask. No one’s gets really upset if we lose a war or Titan. I mean it sucks if it’s by a few points, but that’s happened when everyone has hit. It’s part of the game.

Right now my trophies are up and down cause I’m playing with new attack builds to see who marks together. It’s really fun when you take out a 4700+ team with a 4030 team. Lol. Raids are actually one part of the game I like just for that reason…it’s like a sandbox to play in. Seeing the revenges come back is fun too. You can see what attack teams others are using to beat your heroes.

Everyone deserves fun in their life and this should be fun too. With a little competition sprinkled on top. Lol

Hopefully you all will want to come over.

Thanks for the info, Sporty it’ll take a couple days to discuss. We’ve also got a war chest at 21, so we’re going to finish that Wednesday, but we’ll be in touch soon.


Sounds good. Yeah I’d get that chest too. A lot of hard work already put in. Hopefully it’s got some good loot in it.

Aboisso27, are you still interested in possibly moving over? It’s all good if it was decided not to. I didn’t want to actively keep looking for a larger merger ( or two smaller ones) if you were still interested.

Sorry, Sporty, work got insane this week it’s the first time I’ve been able to break away. There is some interest but not a real concensus. If you find something go for it, but we’re still not entirely sure. Cheers.

I understand that. I was on call 7x24x365 for years. We had another player to join. Quiet. But hits so it’s all good.

Sporty, if the merge with Aboisso27 doesn’t go through then me and my group may be interested. My alliance (Innova) has been going for around 4 years now and over time people slowly lost interest in the game so now my core of 14 members are looking for a new challenge. We are a relaxed group with a combination of newer players and long-time players.

Let me know if this is of interest to you at all.

Interested for sure. The group is on the quieter side. Some like to hang in the background but do play. We just had a war jumper that kinda upset us. He was with us for a few weeks then left with 3 hits left.

We have room for all of you. Very relaxed Group. One member had COVID right now (doing ok) and they are still hitting the titan and finished the war.

I have two people that are place holders, but I don’t think they’re coming back do to RL i.e. Deployment.

You’re more than welcome to join us after the war.