Beginner alliance in need of members

Hi, we are both levels 20, and are looking to expand our alliance. Must be family friendly!!! We both work full time and have families, but we check in a couple times a day for titan battling. We probably won’t be able to to real time chat, but will check in an answer back when time allows. We don’t do a lot of war yet because the alliance is so small, but that could change with time. We prefer a chill, casual alliance made for learning. Come join us in Need Some Hams!! Invite only. Thanks!!

Hi Pixie, Have you considered Joining an alliance instead? Please check out Forest Gnomes Gone Rabid, both of you are a perfect fit for this alliance. We have both beginners and experienced players. We are a laid back yet competitive alliance, though we give priority to real life. Check us out! :slight_smile:

Pixie, Sardukar may be right. Starting an alliance can be difficult!

I was unhappy with how my past alliances were so competitive and cut-throat, so I ventured out on my own! It has been 2 weeks, and we have assembled quite a few powerful members, but still sit at 15/30 positions filled.

If you are looking, we are pretty laid back. Hit titans and can opt out of war if you choose.

Look us up! Search NightBloods Reborn in the game!

We have space if you are interested in Apocalypse 831

Thanks for the advice everyone. Will probably disband eventually and join one, just haven’t yet.

If you’re an active player who is looking for a good time come join our Australian clan called TheDestroyersOfDestroyers new but growing

Hallo Picke,
wir sind eine noch junge Allianz die sich vor kurzem aus einer inaktiven Ally gelöst haben. Nun sind wir auf der Suche nach neuen Mitstreitern.Würden uns freuen von euch zu hören.
LG Dragonbastards

Hi Pixie, how are things? If you do decide to disband Please check us out, you’d be a perfect fit for Gnomes Gone Rabid :slight_smile:

Let me know so i can lower trophy requirement for you

Hi Pixie,

We did the same and is been tough to find members. If you decide to join an alliance, we’re about two months formed, we’d welcome you and yours.

Themis and Zeus


I’ll keep that in mind. We’ve got 7 people so far so I’ll see how things go.

I’ll keep it in mind, thanks!!

We expect all flags used, or opt out of wars
From 600-2500 CUPS we have it all
If You NEED help its here also just ask
Come check us out You will be glad you did

Hi, I’ve decided to leave our little family alliance and try another. Do you still have room for me? I’m at about 500 cups I think. Thanks!

Hi pixie go right ahead and join :slight_smile: im just a bit busy right now but trophy is okay for you to enter :slight_smile:

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