Rebuild raid defense around Glenda

Hi guys!

Just got Glenda few days ago. She is far from been full lvled, but I have the mats so she will be my next blue project.

My current raid defense is this:

Some ideas:


And my 5* and part of 4* roster:

So what you think, keep Sonya wile I wait for Finley :rofl:, well… or other strong blue heroe?

Swap Sonya for Glenda?

Full atack team?

Other? :thinking:

Share your thoughts please :grin:

I reckon she’d go nicely at flank. I’d probably think about having Clarissa as tank. And then Kingston, Marjana, Joon in the other spots.

Don’t know if that would be better than Magni though, he’s excellent in defence and attack.

I’d be happy with no healers in the defence team, although cViv is a good one to slot in for Joon if you want more survivability.

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With Kingston I think there is no place to Magni in the team, at least not before Kingston gets to +20 or I get c. Magni. That’s the reason cos I maintain Sonya in defense.

I’m not sure about Clarisa as tank with Glenda flank cos Clarissa doesn’t hits hard, so Glenda’s SS losses power.

Other possibility would be Clarisa, Kingston, Glenda, Joon, Marjana, but I don’t see Glenda as a tank.

All doubts :sweat_smile:, thanks for sharing g your thoughts @Bwang

Clarissa would benefit the most from Glenda of those heroes. Snipers get a small benefit, but lower damage AOE get a greater benefit. The dmg boost from Glenda allows their damage to put a greater distance from the defender’s defense and thus a greater difference. I’ve been happy using Glenda next to GM and Magni in my red tank counter raid offense


Thanks for the info @Drewrobi, didn’t know that Glenda boost works better with AOE than snipers. That’s nice, cos I’m already using Clarissa as tank, so les changes are needed.

MW hit this new info, may an option could be king, c.Vivica, Clarissa, Glenda, Marjana. Or Joon instead c.Vivica and swap por with Glenda as “no healer” option.

Marjana - Sorcerer Vivica - Clarissa - Glenda - Kingston

Why change king/Marjana positions @FraVit93? Is not better for king to fire before so attack down has more effect? :thinking:

My personal preference is that heroes that puts useful status aliments (not defense down or DoT) have to stay last to not get their targets being killed by other special skills, lowering their overall usefulness.

I understand, it makes sense. Kingston SS affects three if AI has a good day, so I think I prefer the chances of getting a bigger attack reduction. With 2 or more hits over King special, enemies barely scratches me :smile:

Good point anyway, worth it try how it works.