Rebel Sanctuary Needs You!

Rebel Sanctuary is looking for a few active people who enjoy battling titans, fighting wars, & having fun. We are focused on building 6 strong war teams, getting defense team to 3000+, & learning the most efficient ways to accomplish our goals. Come check us out. Line ID keke43.

Outlaw Rebels no more!
Introducing 'Rebel Sanctuary ’ an offshoot of both Rebels 1.0 & 2.0, is dedicated to the proposition that all players should be given equal opportunity for expression, growth, & a right to fun!
As such, we the Managers of The “Sanctuary” make this solemn vow to always put the well being of all the players under our direction first & foremost. Together we will grow strong &
powerful in teamwork, & successful w/ the primary goal of always having fun first & forever!

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