Red Dirt Rebellion is looking for one more Rebel!


Us Rebels are looking for one more to join our family!!
We’re growing and we’re growing fast (just got up to 3.5k alliance rank!). And we just need to more to help us grow into a killer alliance.
What we look for
• People who talk and are actively part of the group. We do have a discord to help with this chatter and keep everyone engaged and informed (plus we like gifs)
• Titans are a must - hit them with at least 3 flags.
• Wars are optional, but if you select to be part of war, you must use all your war flags and work with leadership to coordinate flips and plans of attack.
•2000 trophies at least
We are currently fighting with titans of 9/10 stars.

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Still waiting for the one!

Still lingering around, anyone interested?

Still looking!!! We are still waiting just for you!

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