Are you a Rebel?

Do you want to obliterate titans?

Do you want a drama free game experience?

Then you have found your new home.

Rebel Forces is looking for a new Rebel to join our alliance who fits the following criteria:

  1. 2200+ team strength or 600 cups.
  2. Hit the titans daily (currently facing 5*& 6*)

Godspeed Rebels! :slight_smile:

Valar Titanis! (All titans must die!!!)

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Did you mention the Rebels have young attractive Princesses? Also, I heard a rumor Rebels gives out brownies and offers casual Fridays. Just sayin…


The alliance is currently full. We will keep you posted if any spot opens up!

Thank you for your interest.

Looking for new Rebels to join the “Rebel Forces” alliance.

4 spots open.


  1. 2700+ team strength and 1000+ cups
  2. HIt the titan daily(6* & 7*)

If you satisfy the above requirements, then what are you waiting for? Send us a request.

Valar Titanis!

We are still looking for 3-4 more active players to join our team!

Rebel Forces is still looking for a few more people to fill out! We’ve made two exceptional acquisitions in the past week and are hoping to grow a little more! Please let us know if you’re interested!