Renegade Outlaws looking for active memebers

The “Renegade Outlaws” are searching for some active players.
Renegade Outlaws currently has 7 spots open. We are currently taking out 6-7* titans. Wars for us are hit and miss but more active players would help us significantly. Our range of team powers are between 3300-4200 and trophies are between 1400 and 2500. Our current alliance score is 130890. The biggest majority of our group is either C2P, or F2P.
Some other main points about our rule set and type of people we are…

  • We have great sense of humor and love to banter frequently.

  • All active players are 18+ y/o members(half or so have been with the alliance for over a year).

  • We try to organize wars but its a work in progress, and more than willing to let someone else take the lead and learn us a thing or 2.

  • We use Discord to keep in contact while out of game. You may contact me directly at TheCasualGamer2385#6953 or you can join our recruiting channel in our Discord(xD9qF3w).

  • We are willing to make room for a small group if any active small alliances are looking to merge. I completely understand. Leave nobody behind.

  • We are a full hardy and laid back group, but we make every attempt to keeping the alliance strong. We just want active players and have a few small rules for participation purposes.
    1. Require once a day play. No login for 2+ days without relaying a reason before hand CAN result in the boot. If done 3 times, it WILL result in the boot. I use the 3 strikes law, generally.
    2. Must make an attempt to get at least 50k on titans.
    3. Participation in Alliance Wars is only required if you are opted in to the war. If you are opted out of wars, you MUST participate in Titans.

  • Several of us like to chat, some of us don’t, but if you chat we will chat. Simple as that.

  • We are a 100% drama free Alliance.

  • I promote all in the alliance to Elder upon hitting 6 months of staying with our group.

  • We are currently at 4 co-leaders, including myself. As well as about half of the alliance are Elders.

If any of this sounds appealing by all means look us up, chat with me here, and/or you can get in touch with me on Discord, my Username is TheCasualGamer2385#6953 .

If we don’t seem like we are the right fit, then I wish you and your kin good luck in your search.

We look forward to hear from you!
Sir Darius - Leader of the “Renegade Outlaws”

*Edited to update to current

a bump, for looking for more alliance members.

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