Legion of Rebels is Recruiting

Hello everyone,

I’m one of the leaders in “Legion of Rebels.” We’re currently looking for new blood to join our ranks. If you’re looking for an easy going, fun, and active alliance, look no further!

Here are some basic facts about our alliance:

Member Levels: from low 50s to low 20s
Trophy Minimum: 200
Mandatory Titan Participation? Yes
Mandatory War Participation? No (if opted out)
Alliance Type: Open

We’re an informative bunch that help each other out with deciding what heros are best to level and we talk strategy in attacks (Titan, War, Raid, Tournament, Ect. )

Message me here if you have questions or join up and talk to us in-game!

Eye Ov Horus

I joined you guys, gonna stay for awhile. If y’all have line my user is klaineswarbler

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