Ranking the Guardians

That’s one thing I’ve never understood about the elemental defense buffs: they’re only ever for the element that hero is defensively weak against, not the element they’re offensively strong against. Yellow and purple shields are the exception (since they’re offensively strong against each other), but I can’t imagine I would ever bring Kong to a blue titan fight and sacrifice tile damage output just for extra defense that I could get from any other defense buffer or attack debuffer.

Kong would be far more useful if he had a green shield instead of a blue one.


Disagree, Falcon is kind of redundant when you have Wilbur.
If you take Wilbur (shared damage), Jackal ( -54% defense against holy), 2 Joon, healer against any team with 1 or 2 dark heroes. You get 1-2-3 effect ( 270 % & -54% defense + 2x 468 ) or if you get Wilbur special off before you get 1-2-3-4 punch. Good night Mary.

Confused as to where Wilbur came in to this thread, but…

I said both Falcon and Jackal need a partner, and there you have Jackal with TWO Joon. Nowhere would you find Falcon in that team for him to be replaced by Wilbur. Now, if you had Falcon with two or even just one Gravemaker, would you replace Falcon with Wilbur or simply add Wilbur to the mix?

Do wilbur and falcon defense debuff effects stack?

Even if you take Wilbur out of the equation, Jackal vs Falcon, very fast vs average mana, 54%( single target) vs 54% ( 3 target). I favour very fast mana heroes in this scenario. Each to their own.

I have only stated they are best partnered.

Individually, okay, say I accept your that Jackal is better; does he fit a team? An attacking team for all occassions is not just a titan team. That two Joon team is a wonderful fit.

Falcon would be great with GM and Zim, but their mana would have maxed 1st, they then have to wait for Falcon special to be activated.
Jackal special would be ready to fire by the time the 2 Joon are ready.
The way the game is heading people tend to favour fast to very fast heroes.
My raiding team against Guin tanks are GM, Lancelot, Wilbur, Boltusk & Kelile. Upgrade will be Zim instead of Lancelot, Marjana for Kelile. I can’t see Falcon replacing Lancelot.
Unfortunately for Falcon there are some great 4* red around.

Wilbur and Falcon effects stack, so on the end you`ll have almost -100% def against red :slight_smile:


Yes, there are some great red 4s. I am past using Falcon on my main team now, but he came with GM and pushed me to edge of diamond. Lancelot was there at 3^60 already gathering dust. Wilbur, though, is being brought up to max now.

The point about defense debuffs should get attention. Also, the fast vs avg argument comes back around.

Not fast vs average anymore, it’s very fast vs fast.
Arms race.
We will see super fast in the near future.

Was talking about Falcon and Lancelot, but…

Natural progression of the game you will replace your 4* with 5* , I’m in Diamond and still use Jackal, can’t see a 5* yellow with similar skill set. If you look at the longevity of your own game, in my case anyway, there are a lot of 5* that I can replace Falcon with. Jackal on the other hand he will always be a fluffer or a teaser ( horse breeding term ) for Joon.

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The thing I don’t like about Jackal is he is very much a glass canon ,

Time to update this with the three new Guardians: Gazelle, Chameleon and Bat.

Well we have to put G. Bat aside. He’s a 3* and his stats can’t really compare.

I’d say among the 3*s, Bat is just okay. He’s lucky that dark element has some bad heroes (looking at Prisca and Renfeld) so he’s likely to get more love for raid tournaments. And at average speed it’s easier to ensure that he hits for boosted damage on a defense team. He faces competition with Chochin though, who I’d argue is better simply because the mana delay is a more reliable secondary effect to have.

Bat aside:

  1. Gazelle – +100% attack and -50% damage reduction is lulz on offense
  2. Panther – she’s the Evelyn for dark heroes
  3. Jackal – holy def dropper, amazing class, and dropping defense in this element is not easy to find
  4. Falcon – dropping defense is more common in fire, but he still stacks with those and it’s still awesome
  5. Chameleon – hard to use hero. However, I am theorizing that he may be very useful in situations such as fighting Ursena tanks with a dark-green 3-2 stack. It’s hard to rank him though based on hypotheticals, but my gut feeling is he’ll probably be more useful than the below two.
  6. Kong – high attack stat for titans is nice, damage on hit-all skill is decent. But he’s Elena frail and even the Ice defense buff can’t help him much there
  7. Owl – he’s so slow, and to maximize his damage you need to have dead allies which is just not a good thing to rely on. At least he’s one of the best heroes for Rush Attack 5* tournaments, but that’s such a niche case to spend 6 darts on him.

I think if we were to include Bat, I’m pretty confident he’d still rank higher than Owl :stuck_out_tongue:


Speculating here since I only have about half the gang, but I’d list em like so in terms of ‘usefulness across the board:’

  1. Jackal
  2. Panther
  3. Gazelle
  4. Falcon
  5. Chameleon
  6. Kong
  7. Owl

As for aesthetics - Gazelle wins bar non. Her special’s sound effect, that cast animation, card art, idle animation all look lovely.

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1 Panther
2 Gazelle
3 Jackal
4 Cham
5 Falcon
6 Kong
7 Owl

Out of titan, panther is good for guin tanks, as a 5* gazelle will be better than jackal for kunchen.

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