Li Xiu or G. Jackal?


Finally got that last orb i needed to fully ascend a 4 :star: holy hero and I now have a hard time figuring out if I should use it on Li or Jackal.

Jackal is very useful on Titans, especially dark ones, on which he helped me reach my highest damages. On the other side, I enjoy using Li on map levels and raids (both attack and defense).

I would appreciate your advices. Thx

You nailed it. Li xiu is a better all around hero. Jackal is great with wukong for purple titans. He is more situational. If you want higher titan scores, go with jackal. If you want better raids, etc., go with li xiu.

Edit - My opinion may be skewed by the fact that I have ascended yellow 5* and really liked li xiu when I used her regularly. I typically only use jackal against titans and currently only use li xiu in alliance wars.

Jackal is far superior. The only place Li Xiu is better is on defense, but that shouldn’t be a priority for you. Jackal is amazing for purple titans, challenge events, and selective raid and war opponents.


Do you spend most of your time in this game attacking or defending?

Always choose the glass cannon. Jackal!

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I just took out a 3500+ power defense with no healers. It was a last stance, I sanctifised two Jackals but not before they took out 3 opponents. Li Xiu can’t really kill anyone unless they have very low mana. She’s more of an annoyance as defense. A Jackal will actually kill or set you up for easier kills, and apparently some people actually have a hard time with him on defense. Always count on Jackal…

I use Jackal everywhere other than raid defense and that’s only because I think the benefit of his special is lost unless you double up yellows and even then you are reliant on the AI. If the AI was intelligent though I’d use him on raid defense as well. I mean everywhere. Maps, raid attack, all titans other than yellow (and even back in the day I used him on yellow before I had a better deck), events, and AW. I had a duplicate and I used him so much I took the second to 4/70. On purple titans a team of Wu, Jackal, Ares, Jackal, Grimm, just mauls them.

LX was a solid choice back in 1.4-1.6, i.e. 8+ months ago.

She isn’t anymore frankly, whereas Jackal even with 3 yellow 80’s, gets used all over the place for me.

Jackal >>> LX: in the current game LX should basically be left at level 1 unless she’s your only 4*.

Yah concur. When I started my alt, it was the crazy healer/defense hero team (Melendor, cyprian, kasshrek, rigard, boril, kiril). I finally got Li Xiu and took her to 70. But then I got a bunch of actual attackers and now I wish I could get the 4 orbs back for Joon or Delilah. They are so sad. I would pay 1 million food to delever her to 1 and get the 4 orbs back.

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Another Biased vote for Jackal since my raid team is centralized around his debuff and very fast mana.

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