G jackal is pretty scarce- on defense teams. Should I use Bane instead?

So I don’t see guardian jackal much. I have him and he’s a solid hero. Very fast mana is a real bonus. Any thoughts?

You probably don’t see him much on defense, but he’s incredibly popular on offense, titans, and Challenge Events.


Good point. I am not sure between him or bane for my defense.

I’m not sure what level you have Jackal at, but he’s quite squishy, even at max.

That said, if you’re considering Bane as an alternative, I’m presuming you’re relatively new to the game and are probably still facing plenty of 3* teams in Raids.

I initially took your thread topic to be about Jackal in general, but if you want recommendations specific to your roster, I suggest posting screenshots of the heroes you have so people can give their thoughts. :slight_smile:

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I would choose Jackal AND Bane for maximum effect for your defense.

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If you are mostly 3* team with 4*s available, I am one of those that urges you to push the 4s. The need for a healer, though, is priority.

As happy owner of Jackal, I can reassure you that he is great hero - decent on his own, but really shines with another yellow that deals dmg with their special. I stack him on raids with Chao and that couple makes wonders. He should work fine with Bane as well. High tile damage + buffing yellow specials.

Minus yellow def is crucial for titans also, and if I remember correctly, he is the only hero in the game that does it. Purple titans nightmare.

That said, I would never put him on defense team. He is glass cannon that requires some thought to be most effective. AI will never fire him and Bane in that order and to the same target.

Defense is colorless


Defense damage is colorless so Jackal and Falcon lose the Elemental defense debuff.

Defense damage does not color stack so Jackal and Falcon lose that hidden buff.

Defense damage does not get combo bonuses so that buff is lost.

In the end I took Wu Kong 4* 4.70 and Jackal 4* 4.70 off my defense team and replaced with Joon 8/8 5* 2.52 and I am doing much better.

Joon, Alberich and Natalya are three heroes that do not rely on Elemental defense debuff, color stacking, or combos, so they do exceedingly well on defense, even at 5* 2.60 and 3.70 .

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I run Jackal on defense, but plan to replace him with Onatel once I get her to 80. Good yellow defensive heroes have consistently evaded me.

He’ll never be a natural fit on defense, but emblems ahould make him a bit more relevant. It’ll juice his shields and hp plus a chance to evade specials.

Still, he’ll always be best in a yellow stack on purple titans.

Wu Kong in the defense is usable only as a tank. Anywhere else his special will almost surely come to late to change the outcome if the battle.

Put him in the center, around him average to fast snipers, ideally a defense debuffer (one of pulverizer triplets) and a healer (ideally healer + attack buffer like Kiril). You will be surprised. It’s a gamble: if Wu Kong fires, your opponent will be in great troubles, even if he is much stronger than you.

I am currently raiding in the mid to high platinum and I recently changed usual tanks Boril/Kashhrek in my defense for Wu. I have much better results now (defense team: Proteus - Kiril - Wu - Tiburtus - Scarlett, team strength about 3450). Teams 300 points stronger lose daily against this setup.

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Errr… Wu tank? I’d probably take almost any other yellow. He’s squishy and rather unhelpful when the majority of your defense attack his single hits whicj can miss.

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