Ranger emblems between my 3 heroes

All of them i want to give emblems but only so many emblems i have, which are evelyn, seshat and finely, hard choice between them 3, i really like seshat a lot, evelyn useful both titan and offense, and finely just seems a bit of op, so what should i do? I can use both seshat and finely in defense team.

Where abouts in the defence team do Finley and seshat appear?

For me, I think war defence is the priority for emblems… Then your overall versatility next.

As I see it, if there are two heroes who are competing for emblems there are really two options:

  1. Split the emblems
  2. Focus the emblems.

If you feel like splitting them up (playing the long game), the solution is easy.

If you’re wanting to focus the emblems, I would put them on whoever is going to be closer to the tank. If they are equal distance out, give them to whoever you use more in offence.

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