Need advice to create a strong team for Raids

Hello guys, i need help with my heroes. I became a new member to forum and my third week in the game.

My heroes are:
Blue; Thorne, Magni as 5star, also have Kiril, Grimm, Boril
Green; Caedmon, Kashhrek, Gobbler, Melendor, Skittleskull
Yellow; Wu Kong, Chao, Hu Tao, li Xiu
Red; Scarlett, Boldtusk, Kelile , Gormek
Purple; Rigard, Grimble, Proteus, Sabina

Now im running with Rigard-Caedmon-Thorne-Scarlett-Bane but i know I can make a much stronger team. I want to make a main team and develop it first.
Please help me to create a strong team which will be my main team in Raid.

Your feedback is very important to me, I will arrange according to your comments.
Best Regards,

You search for a raid attack team or defense?
If all the heroes are maxed, then I e.g. would use this 3/2 team for raid attack:
Kirill, Grimm, Magni, Proteus, Rigard

Depending on the tank colour, you would have to adjust the used heroes.

For defense I might go with this team:
Cademon, Rigard, Li Xiu, Magni, Scarlett,

Thank you for the reply. I search for raid attack team firstly, then will make defense. All of them now count at low level for just getting started the game (third week).
Wouldn’t it be better if I set up a separate color team? and Should I use 4-star Rigard instead of a 5-star Grimble?

If you just started to play, then you won’t have the mats to max any of those heroes.
I would suggest, start with a solid team of 3 stars at first.
If you don’t have any 3 stars to work on, then bring your 4 star heroes to 3/60.
If you then got the mats to max some of your 4 star heroes, I would at first max the following:
Blue: Grimm, Kirill
Green: caedmon, melendor
Yellow: WuKong (he is awesome on titans), Li Xui, Chao
Red: Boldtusk, Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile
Purple: Rigard, Proteus, Sabina

Afterwards you could start working on 5 stars as you then might have the materials to max them.

The maxed 4* heroes are much stronger then a half leveled 5* hero, which you now would latest get stuck at ascension level 3/70.

Btw. For the raid tournaments, you need 3* heroes too, so don’t forget to max some of them too.
And for alliance wars you need minium 30 heroes.

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Here is my heroes;

What is your advice about the team to be established in the first stage?

I would max the three stars which you got there.
And afterwards continue to work on the 4* heroes.
With the team of 3* you are able to farm recruit’s and mats.
I e.g. farm most of the time the level 9 of province 12, from season 1 or province 8 level 7.

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I don’t wabt to spend time with 3 stars when there are 4 and 5 star characters. This may cause me to stop playing and get bored. :slight_smile: May I ask you to set up a 4-star team (maybe with one 5star Thorne or Magni) to max at first. Like Kiril-Caedmon-li Xiu-Scarlett-Rigard or Magni-Kashhrek-Hu Tao- Boldtusk-Proteus or Grimble etc. Also i will improve my 3* teams but i want focus to main raid team first

A maxed 3* is stronger, compared to your 4* or 5* at 2/50 // 1/50.
And the 3* aren’t wasted as there are weekly raid tournaments and monthly events in which you could use them too.

The other team, which I named as defense in my first posting here, could also be your attack team, until you got a deeper bench of maxed heroes.
But I still would suggest to level the 3* first.
They are much quicker finished as one of the 4* or 5* heroes.


Leave the 5’s for now… They cost more resources to level and you won’t have the necessary items to push them onto last tier anyway.

If it must be all 4… (It shouldn’t be, it won’t be decent nearly as quick as maxing 3’s)

This will get up and running fairly quickly and will work even if/when you hit the mat wall waiting to go to last ascension…

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Then im going to below team;
Cademon, Rigard, Li Xiu, Magni, Scarlett (Is the alignment correct? from left to right)

But First i will try to level 3* team.

Magni for the same materials as Grimm will be FAR less effective (Grimm at 4.70 Vs Magni at 3.70).

Do you have 6 telescopes?!

No, i dont have 6x telescopes. But i want use Magni insted of Grimm. Cademon, Rigard, Li Xiu, Magni, Scarlett is fine i think, are you agree too ?

Only if Magni is 4.80… his defence is awful, he needs that last tier to shine.

Without the scopes I’d do Grimm 100%.

Okey then let’s start again,
i will improve my 3* team first; Bane-Gato-Rudolph-Prisca-Fiar truck
Then respectively Caedmon-Rigard-Grimm-Scarlett-Li Xiu .
Is this the best way to take advantage of my characters?


There’s an argument for doing Boldtusk before Scarlett but as you’ve already started her I don’t think it matters which you do first.

Thank you for the information and tricks… i will listen you :slight_smile:

Don’t bother with Prisca. She’s terrible. Continue to work on your purple 4* until you catch a Balthazar or Tyrum. Are you able to farm 12-9 yet? That will give you a supply of mats you’re going to need to level heroes past level 50. Well, you can farm 12-something if you don’t have the right team for 12-9.

Thank you for the advise. I m at 17-3 at the moment. So i can farm 12-9 easly. Also done at season 2 , 3-5

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First things first, there wont be an optimal only offense team as you have to counter different things for different heroes and tanks. You want to focus on your utility, heals, and a couple hitters so you have all areas covered. Being that there are different ailments main thing you wanna do is figure out which tanks you are having the most trouble defeating, seeing which heroes and colors counter them, and remember what each heroes speed is to have a good counter.

I understand your want of leveling your bigger guys first but as they have told you, it will be a while till you can fully cap a 5 star. You have base building, and early learning to master first. Looking at your roster the heroes I see that you will use the most early in game would be, rigard, caedmon, boril, boldtusk, melendor, proteus, sebina, grimm, kiril, chao, and kelile would be your best bets to give you the most options early on.

Kailani and gato are good three stars as is rudoplh.

Grimble will be a decent take for you to use to protect some of your weaker defense hitters so I would recommend him of your 5 stars and kashrek makes lives miserable early ir at least he used too. Bot so sure with the quality 4 star heroes I game now. Good luck and welcome.


Great post, only thing I disagree with at all I’d Boril, I’d have him fourth to ascend from that deck (Grimm and Kiril before him and Gato to have a 3)… By the time the other three were done, I might end up not bothering at all, even.

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