Help with Defense Team for Raid Tournament for Toni16

What do you think, is my best defense team of these maxed 4* heroes for the raid tournament
and in which Position:

Wu Kong 4/70
Jackal 4/70 + (talent grade 7)
Danzaburo 4/70

Melendor 4/70
Caedmon 4/70
Gadeirus 4/70

Kiril 4/70 + (talent grade 7)
Triton 4/70
Valeria 4/70
Boril 4/70
Sonya 4/70
Grimm 4/70

Rigard 4/70 + (talent grade 6)
Gafar 4/70
Jabbar 4/70
Merlin 4/70
Tiburtus 4/70

Wilbur 4/70
Lancelot 4/70
Boldtusk 4/70
Scarlett 4/70

My first choice: Triton - Rigard - Boldtusk - Caedmon - Grimm (no yellow)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’s say Triton Scarlett Rigard Caedmon Grimm. You shouldn’t need 2 healers in there.

Or Wilbur instead of Scarlett ?

I wouldn’t bring Wilbur. Its too easy to use that spirit link against you. Especially with everybody being very fast

Yes - you are right - every Special is very fast…I like Scarlett, but she has poor defense :frowning: - Lancelot my other red hero has poor defense too.

At flank, I think she’ll survive. Not ideal but not bad either

If it helps, here’s the team I’m using.

not sure why you are using fast mana heroes. this is the time to let average and slow heroes shine

Good team - Kelile has much better defense than Scarlett.

Probably Jackal for Scarlett- he has talent grade 7 - nearly 800 Attack, 550 defence and Evade (a 12% Chance to dodge direct damage from Special skills)

Kelile for the damage and Caedmon for the debuff. All others are Average. I’d use Colen over Kelile if I had him

I like Scarlett’s AOE and attack debuff more but both are good. My Jackal’s staying on the bench

Put him far left and a 5-man hitter far right, problem solved :slight_smile:
He doesn’t have 5-man hitters sadly (minus a 1/3 chance of Danzaburo)

I’ve faced him on defense. Hit the Purple hero with Grimm and Jackal and you can take out multiple heroes in one shot. I love facing him on defense!

This is when you can time your specials.
Just wait when the very fast heroes would hit you in tandem :wink:

Good point. It’ll be interesting to see the new dynamics!

How about this team? I’m considering to replace tiburtus with Rigard (6 talent)?

My gut instinct says that most players are going to try snipers and defense reducers to end the battle quickly (the meta being fire faster than your opponent). Board luck will matter; everyone is very fast Mana, but attackers still need their tiles to hit to charge. Defenders have no such limitation and charge when hit.

I haven’t played in beta or anything, and strategy in theory and practice can differ, but I think an optimum defense line up is one that can survive snipers but that also snipes back for some damage. Also, given the fast Mana nature of this, I’d avoid roulette wheel characters that could backfire on you (Merlin, Wu, Danza, etc).

So, FWIW (in order): Wilbur, Melendor, Boldtusk, Triton, Caedmon

If they all fired at the same time: Wilbur spirit links and gives negative defense to the other side; Melendor rips the spirit link off the other side but leaves the negative defense, Boldtusk heals and boosts attack, Triton snipes for high damage and Caedmon follows up.

Ideally, you’re team is almost full health and two of the opposition are dead if it happens, which would help your defense a lot.

Wilbur should be left where grimm is. The defense reduction should go off before any snipers fire for max benefit. I’d go Wilbur, Caedmon, then Bold, Grimm, and Tiburtus so that Caedmon rips the spirit link off the opposition and then your guys are boosted and firing on a side with a big def reduction.

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thx for reply @Wondermoose. Another question. What if replace Caedmon with Little John? There will be no one to disable spirit link, but Little Jhon decrease mana generation. And maybe put Rigard in, and Wilbur out. Im thinking Little John, Tiburtus, Bold Tusk, Grimm and Rigard.

Little John is probably one of the must have heroes in this thing. I’d use him if possible.

Because the computer fires left to right when using defense Mana attacks, I’d want John after Bold Tusk for the attack bonus. Maybe Rigard (heal and purify), Bold Tusk (heal and attack), Grimm (soften the defense/can tank) , John (nail everyone with slow Mana) and Tiburtus to round it out. Possibly Caedmon for Tiburtus as he hits harder and rips buffs.

I plan on using Wilbur, Melendor, Boldtusk, John, and Li Xiu. AoE Mana slowers are going to matter in all likelihood.

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