Octopus v shark

Just got ursena from atlantis portal.

Thing is, ive already got mok arr fully levelled (no emblems), who i seldom use.

Any point levelling ursena? I dont need her for def.
On offense, her yellow reflect is unique, but there arent that many strong yellows on def ( other than odin)

My other darks are seshat, malicna, clarissa.

Any advice would be welcome!

Ursena is wayyyyyy better than Mok-Arr. Still a decent tank. She and Tarlak are the only 2 Atlantis heroes I sought the most. I don’t care about Misandra and Mok-Arr and Atomos (the latter I do have at 3/70, the rest of the aforementioned heroes I lack still). And if you haven’t noticed, Odin is omnipresent on most raid defenses.


I have mok arr and no ursena so I can only comment on the shark and maybe ursena on defence
Quite niche use. In certain areas he excels, in some he’s just kinda helpless. The shark needs the right heroes to work. Or, he can be a great combo to certain heroes. I happen to have heroes that compliment his skills so he has never been a problem to me since day 1.
Ursena, her attacks I find quite unreliable. Her yellow shield is her highlight skill and she just ruins holy.
It’s the same as mok, but he does it better with brute strength

I have Ursena+20 for so long, and realy like her on offense using mana troop lvl 11, and also she is still in my war tank. Unless I get a better option like Bera/Freya.

In raid she is almost never used anymore, because I already have alternative like Onyx and Killhare. Sometimes I use Ursena to counter Odin, Drake, Joon, Wabbit, etc.
She is still in my war team, and sometimes used for Titan if I do not bring heavy battle items to reflect the specials.

Ursena is basically Mok-arr done right, she is a direct upgrade to the shark. Max her and forget about the poor hammerhead.


Mok arr is better when the opposing heroes have <50% hp
He can finish off opponents while ursena will hit like a wet noodle

But Ursena can actually hit everyone, does no self damage, can be used outside of mono, good on defense and has a very useful secondary effect. She is a way better hero than the shark, who is absolute trash.

The damage is minimal and he’s much better now (after buffs) than he was on release.

As a math teacher you also know that multiplying 0 by any number is still 0. The shark is trash because his base concept is flawed. He is very very niche and even in that very specific niche he is outclassed by Ursena and Killhare. Unless they give him some ridiculously high damage numbers his inability to hit purple enemies will always outweigh his upsides.
Tweaking him a bit here and there is like putting spoilers and sport tires on a wheelbarrow then trying to compete against Lamborghinis and Buggatis. The problem was not the lack of spoilers and sport tires, the problem was that its still a wheelbarrow.


Outclassed doesn’t mean worthless, though.

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Precisely. I certainly use Ursena over Mok-Arr now, but there are cases where he still comes off the bench (somebody puts up an all-yellow, or double-yellow defense). For the original poster, Ursena is NOT niche, even though Mok-Arr is somewhat nichey.

In the current meta and with these AM drop rates? Yes it does. Even if you buy every single deal with 4* AMs in them you wouldnt be able to afford spending them on a hero who MAY be useful like 1% of the time.

I like Ursena. I would level her.

Assuming everyone plays at your level with your spending in your situation.

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I have Ursena at +20, she was my war tank for a long time till I got Freya… I still use Ursena in every war, pair her with Killhare and a few support heroes, their specials are available at the same time, fire Ursena first and she hits them pretty hard and then Killhare wipes up the mess, battle over…And the shark is still stalled at 3/70… never able to bring myself to spend the AM on him.

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Im not assuming anything and im not spending much ( mythic titan offer and 1 valhalla or atlantis offer per month, thats around 10$). The problem with the shark is that he was never really good but now even his upsides became kinda outdated. With the introduction of vf wars and tournaments slow heroes became valuable so the only place where an avg hero with the damage potential of a slow AoE could shine is general use and we can all agree on that, that the shark is actually very bad for general use. He is not worth the tabards at all. Especially now that most defense teams have a purple or even two in the lineup.

I have them both, though I never maxed the shark. I never thought Mok-Arr was as bad as people claimed, but Ursena is in a league well above him. She is still a valid hero and probably will be for some time till SG puts more thought into Holy heroes.

Ursena is a bit past her prime for defense purposes, but on offense she’s still pretty decent if you pick up most attack nodes (the max her attack can go up to is 857 I believe). She does need some buffers/debuffers to help get the most out of her 260% though, so I typically pair her with cRigard and cTibs for maximum effect. She doesn’t really make it into my main raid team unless I need a good counter against the likes of Odin or Onatel, but she still has a spot on my war team.

Thank you everyone for the replies.

I use mok arr with C tibs and he does ok. But he is a one trick pony and i find he is often redundant after first cast of his special. The match usually ends before his 2nd cast, as 2 x 9 dark tiles isnt always easy to come by (i hv lvl 23 mana troops). At least ursena puts up a yellow shield.

I think ill hold the mats til SG releases some other OP yellow hero on def

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The new S4 squid hero that is also dark is more appealing

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