Quick Reference Sheet and Graphics for Events, HOTM, hero types, summon portals, cost comparison

I did consider adding my usual thing to it that I have been adding for Puzzle Combat.

Might do it now hang on.

Edit: @VeryQuietly have updated it on the Troop Comparison Thread :slight_smile:

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Very nice @VeryQuietly

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Edited my original post. I use this thread as a place to collect the information I reference most commonly while playing, hence still posting it here. Hope thats ok.


No issues whatsover :slight_smile: Info is there to be made use of :slight_smile:


Everyone ready for Atlantis Rises? :slight_smile: I pulled a few highlights from the frequently referenced Barry Farmz Here guide into a visual sheet.


:eyes: Major changes to the Original Post! :partying_face:

  • Updated all hero charts with more consistent format and all heroes announced to date (including new seasonal heroes, beta HOTMs, and beta costumes)
  • Added graphics for Ninja Tower, Hero Academy, Training Camp
  • Added a graphic comparing costs for creating feeder heroes - what is most efficient source given resources available

Graphic to answer the question - what is the best 3 star hero? Summarized poll results from the following thread: Best 3 ⭐ Heroes - Pick Your MVPs!

It’s not Dawa. :laughing:


small spelling mistake I think, good design by the way.

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Maybe C gormek and Gobbler need new column in heal heroes

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revised version 5 is posted, thanks!


Mythic Titan Event - First Version. This is a convoluted event. I’ll trim it down to just key points as we all become more familiar with the event.


Hey @VeryQuietly if you wanted all the MT’s artwork (left) you can use the stuff from their premiere video?

Is Brynhild the only hero that blocks buff dispels?

Belith costume and Margaret passive resist.
20 char of immune to dispell.

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So I noticed that the challenge special changed. The fist day gem offer had 6 available instead of 4. Any idea if this is new normal and what will the Valhalla specials be now that it is shortened like AR.

Hot off the press!

Updated with March Quick Reference, Calendar, and HOTM chart. Also updated Raid formations, Hero Academy and Rare Quest image.

In Progress:

  • Updates to summon odds and microtransactions.
  • Mythic Titans
  • And eventually all the hero charts with all that new stuff

Much appreciated data :100:



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Excellent database. :star2:

I have to repeat my previous post,
@VeryQuietly thank you for sharing this


It has already assisted my game play in multiple ways. Including has helped to increase my success in Raid arena among other uptick in applying the information about heros for success

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Awww thank you! Very kind :tulip: I’m glad its helpful to you.


Any chance u can add AoE heroes to hero graphics. And A ratings for buff tourneys for which heroes? Thanks for the great work, very.

All current hero charts updated to include through the latest beta (Starfall Circus).

In progress:

  • Mythic titan graphic

Hero Charts in progress:

  • Block / Silence
  • Alter shields
  • Stacks
  • Negative on allies/self
  • Update Tourney charts

Hero charts in progress that will be organized in five columns for each element

  • Damage over time on one target
  • Damage over time on three targets
  • Damage over time on five targets
  • AoE - Hit 5
  • Hit 3
  • Hit 1 / Sniper

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