Quick Reference Sheet and Graphics for Events, HOTM, hero types, summon portals, cost comparison

Thank you so much!!!

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Thanks for the great work. Of note, Sonya normal and Caedmon normal are not listed in the cleansing heroes

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I’ve put both uncostumed Sonya and Caedmon in the debuff opponents chart, they don’t cleanse status ailments from allies. Only when in costume do Sonya and Caedmon cleanse instead of debuff. Am I misunderstanding the correct use of debuff and cleanse?

Oh no sorry, my mistake!

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“Heroes That Heal” should include Elkanen and Leonidas in the 5 star single category as they both heal themselves after firing their special. Evelyn heals 4% for all nature heroes. Guardian Owl regenerates 765 HPfor himself and Musashi heals himself too. Prisca, Graymane and Renfeld all heal themselves as 3 stars. FYI.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I’ve updated the Heroes that Heal to add those that heal based upon damage dealt. Also included Aegir & Fenrir in this category.

Guardian Owl was already included in the Heroes that Heal over Time chart as it is a regen and not a single boost in health.

As of yet, I have not included any of the HOTM Elemental Links or Family Bonuses in these charts. The Elemental Links would include heal over time, mana generation, critical chance, and defense against special skills (and soon summoning minions). However, these only count for allies of the same color. Not sure yet how to put this in charts of this format. I’m playing around with a few ideas.

This is awesome, thank you! How about a regular def down category (think Tibertus, Grimm and Gormek)?

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Main post has been updated with a lot of new charts, including attack up/down and defense up/down.

I’ve also added beta beat information for new heroes in Return to Morlovia (Francine, Vanda, Frank, Jack), S3 (Odin, Thor, Lord Loki), HOTM (Glenda, Reuben), and Ninjas (Garnet, Cobalt, Jade, Onyx, Mica, Ametrine, Shale, Sapphire). These have a new component where the special skill can be “charged” to 1, 2 or 3 levels for different effects.
These are shown without art - keep in mind that beta beat information and stats are always subject to change. I chose to add them as I am thinking about where to spend my summoning gems.

I’ve updated the Summon Odds in light of new ToL summon odds from Oct 2020 rebalance.


Updated main post to include Ninja Heroes, Ninja Troops, Summon Odds, & In-Game Microtransactions.

I’m quite proud of this one in particular. I’m having fun figuring out best hero/troop team synergy.

Sources for this graphic:
Costume Mana Bonus
Ninja Charge Info


That ninja troop graphic is pretty sweet :wink:

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Let me know if you would prefer I add an on-graphic logo/credit as it is from your excellent and insightful post.

PS - I’ve spent entirely too much time in the last two days pondering troops and reading that thread. Was fortunate enough to pull two ninja troops and now I have problems of luxury.

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I did consider adding my usual thing to it that I have been adding for Puzzle Combat.

Might do it now hang on.

Edit: @VeryQuietly have updated it on the Troop Comparison Thread :slight_smile:

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Very nice @VeryQuietly

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Edited my original post. I use this thread as a place to collect the information I reference most commonly while playing, hence still posting it here. Hope thats ok.


No issues whatsover :slight_smile: Info is there to be made use of :slight_smile:


Everyone ready for Atlantis Rises? :slight_smile: I pulled a few highlights from the frequently referenced Barry Farmz Here guide into a visual sheet.


:eyes: Major changes to the Original Post! :partying_face:

  • Updated all hero charts with more consistent format and all heroes announced to date (including new seasonal heroes, beta HOTMs, and beta costumes)
  • Added graphics for Ninja Tower, Hero Academy, Training Camp
  • Added a graphic comparing costs for creating feeder heroes - what is most efficient source given resources available

Graphic to answer the question - what is the best 3 star hero? Summarized poll results from the following thread: Best 3 ⭐ Heroes - Pick Your MVPs!

It’s not Dawa. :laughing:


small spelling mistake I think, good design by the way.

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Maybe C gormek and Gobbler need new column in heal heroes

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revised version 5 is posted, thanks!


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