Atlantis summons or not

Hi, I have enough gems to do a 10 summons and am wondering if I should use it on the Atlantis summons. Is it worth it?

“Worth it” is a matter of opinion and depends on what you already have. You may get nothing you need or you may get several heroes that are better than what you have. The odds of getting 5*s are pretty low. If you go to the summon gate it tells you the odds.

IMO some of the Atlantis heroes are also some of the more desirable heroes. I’m absolutely in need of 2-4*, Proteus and Wilbur…so for me Atlantis is the best summons I can do.

P.S who appeared but HEL on my 1st summons…may as well just stop now or it be all Gill-Ra and Oberon for here on out

Seriously if I was you I would definitely use that 10 pull for Atlantis.


GM is also there lurking :wink:


Had 1200 atlantis coins for 12 single and 3000 gems for one 10-pull… got 2 Scarletts and 20 3* feeders (2 Muggys). I don`t think I will ever spend a single gem on atlantis summons again.

I have two profiles - one got all feeders and one got two Proteus (needed) and GM (wanted).

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Although… If you haven’t finished the S2 map you could, farm the map and grab extra Atlantis coins to do a free summons :smile:

I have finished it, both normal and hard… Tarlak is the atlantis hero I would really like to have, but the odds are close to 0, so I guess he will remain just a wish :rofl: :


@Sarah2, just noticed that. Got all hyped that I somehow pulled Hel that I totally missed GM and Inari being featured…duh me :wink:

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@PasasHill, well Scarlett and Muggy aren’t anything to sneeze at. Plus Muggy is going to be a much sought after 3*…and Scarlett can whack some fools

Yes, Tarlak…Just give me one more bone Atlantis, just one more!!!

Tarlak, Gravey, Hel, Ariel and Ursel would be great.

Sadly the odds are not 50%, they are 0.5 or even below.

Try it and expect nothing or leave it, if you’ll be disappointed with only 3*…

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IMHO, Atlantis is the best portal…now if you get what you want…

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I can confirm that I have enough mnesseus now, the fish that John west rejects. Did a few summons and just got 3 star feeders…


Decided to do the pull and got Melia2x, already had her. Further I got: Danzaburo,Graymane,Gobbler,Caedemon and 2 muggy and namahage.

I don’t progress that quickly on S2. Maybe I need a change of team. I use Sartana at 2/60, Bane,Grimm,Belith and Wilbur fully maxed.

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