Question About TC's and What To Build

So, I just bought the VIP deal today and I am generally C2P. I usually just buy VIP here and there and maybe the Atlantis deal with Google credits. I have a few good 4* (Wu, Rigard, Merlin, Kiril, Boldtusk) and only 2 5* heroes (Isarnia and Kadilen). I have 2 TC20 running non stop and a TC11 running all the time with banked recruits. I have the Harpoon researched as well if that matters. I am currently on SH21 and wondering where I should be focusing? Should I move to 3 TC 20? Should I try for Advanced Houses (highest level is 14 right now due to not needed due to banking recruits)? Should I push for the next SH to be prepared? My Iron/Food Storage’s are all maxed right now. Any help/input is welcome. Thank you in advance!


If you want to move forward with 5* heroes and you are able to secure a flow of materials from events, quests and titans, then I’d recommend maxxing your training camps


I feel like I have a good team of 4*'s and all the 3*'s so I think getting as many 5* possible is good considering im c2p.

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Advanced house is a great building if you only login once or twice a day or don’t grind the map much. Not so great otherwise.

Thanks to Atlantis Rises, you can now run TC2 nonstop if you play a lot during the event – all you need is access to S2. 1-2 and to play a lot during the event.

I’m up to 10k+ Recruits stored in all my camps now myself – I really don’t need the advanced house now :stuck_out_tongue:

But again, this depends how much you play. The building is much more useful for days where you don’t get a chance to play much.


@davecozy so you think its just best to do the same thing? 3x TC20 and 1xTC any number above 2?

Yes, personally I think it’s better to run the 3 TC20s for where you are at. The 3rd one you can switch to TC19 for when you really need to level a certain hero, or TC1 / 2 for when you are overflowing in Swords and Kits.

Run the last camp at level 11.

After that I would set your sights on SH22 so you can get even more advanced storages. Also you can convert another maxed mine and farm to advanced (but I’d leave them at level 1 for now).


@davecozy thanks for the advice, ill give it a go!


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