Need some help thinking through my endgame plan

I’m in a weird spot that I never really thought I’d get to. Could use some help.

I rarely spend money, and have reached the point that I’ve both got very few buildings left to max out, and very few heroes to work on. So I could use some guidance on what to focus on.

I expect to finish all buildings by June or so, possibly sooner if I buy Presents from Rudolph. The second builder won’t help me a lot, because what I still have to build are:

Hero Academy levels 5-10
Hunters Lodge levels 5-10
1 Advanced Mine level 9-10
1 Advanced Farm level 9-10
1 Advanced Farm level 8-10

I expect to finish the Mines & Farms first, and then just it’s between Lodge & Academy. I think Academy is much more useful for me (see below). The second builder has always been the primary driver reason for getting VIP, and I’m not seeing it right now.

Not spending much also means I don’t get many new heroes, and Hero Academy is still far from finished.

I’ve got 9 heroes to work on right now, including duplicates & costumes across 3 colors - 2 colors are purely feeders; I’m starting to use trainers off-color. One of those colors will start into use again once I get one more ascension material for Justice, which should be soon.

I want to run 3 TC20 to try and get them when I can, but it may be tough while needing to upgrade Lodge/Academy. Currently running 2. Does running 3 makes sense, or should I only run 2 and just hope that I get what I want from there and/or Hero Academy?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

Once you have HA10 there is zero reason to run TC20 (unless you use it as a food dump). Dump all TC20s after hitting HA10. If you’re like me, you never have excess food to bank anyways.


Hi, @Zteev.

I find it strange that I dont consider myself as an end-game player even when I have all structures maxed, more so that we are aware that several structures dont have their advanced versions yet, i.e. 3 Houses, some Irom/Food Storages, Iron Mines, and Farms. And we have yet to see advances of our regular old Forge and the Watchtower. They may be due in a few weeks or months. SG may also be planning expanding the base to include the ones on the left and right since there are high bridges connecting the base.

I was thinking that the second builder will help you a lot finishing those structures in the shortest time possible. I figured that 1 month of VIP wont be enough to finish all those buildings unless you won the lottery and decided to skip building wait time. With only 1 builder, your end-game concept may be delayed further once SG introduces an update allowing players to work on the advanced versions of those structures I mentioned earlier, Houses, Farms, Mines, Storages, etc.

You do what you think is best. But I dont think there is an issue running 3 TC20s since you only need food there and some recruits while leveling up buildings only need iron. If you still lack several S1 heroes, running 3 TC20s may be the best route.

As for me, I only lack Isarnia and Elena but I only run 1 TC20 to serve as food and recruits bank, currently queued for 260 days. My Hero Academy level 10, which started spewing retrained heroes since last September, gave me 2 S1 heroes I previously dont have: Horghall and Obakan. Hope that when you finished HA, it is already modified to be more player-friendly, i.e shorter training/retraining time, less cost of food and recruits and needed mats, higher chances of getting none-S1 heroes, etc. So far, my best value from HA is its level 6 function, which serves as my iron and recruits bank also queued for 260 days, as well as adding to my hoarded 3* feeder troops in case I want to push for maxing my main troops. I need 3* troops to feed my level 25 epic troops since the food cost in feeding them is ridiculously exorbitant, and getting 90 experience points from 2* troops for the same food cost is crazy, much more so if you try feeding 1 star troop to them for a measly 40 experience points. 3* troops are better as it gives you 200 experience points, and 4* troops are the best since they give 400 exp pts. And when you find yourself getting to HA level 10, dont research either HA9 or HA10. Research lower levels since after researching them, you can immediately use them while doing research on level 9 or 10. But if you do happen to research level 9 or 10 without the lower tier researched first, bear the agony of the 2-week wait without output from Hero Academy. So far, I have only researched HA6, HA7 and HA10. I dont need HA9 since I already have all the troops needed and it does not give off ninja troops. I also didnt bother working on its first 4 levels since those needed mats easily burn off very quick in just a matter of hours or days and you are left with a HA function idle. The troops produced in HA2 and HA3 provide so little exp pts and they can be farmed from the maps also. If you dont plan on working HA10 because of how crazy long and expensive it is, food and recruits wise, research HA7 as it spews out trainer heroes of random rarity. I dont plan to research all functions there as it is a waste of time and food.

For Hunters Lodge, get it to level 10 and research those levels that will give you the most value, i.e. harpoon, hurricane, scroll of alteration, etc. You dont need it to be a permanent structure since the materials needed are extremely rare (titan parts) and expensive. I have my HL built on top of one of my 4 maxed Forges, interchanging HL to the Barracks when needed and they are not often needed. I have 1 Forge on the standby since you will be wanting to craft something for titans or events. My Alchemy Lab (good for you maxing it already i assume since you didnt mention it in your OP) and HA are built on top of my other 2 maxed Forges. These advanced structures (HA, AL HL and Barracks) should be built from the Forges instead of the Farm, Mine or TC since the latter 3 can continuously provide you with some resources or feeders. My one TC11 has a claimable 3,000 feeder heroes also currently queued for over 260 days worth of feeders.

Well, I guess I have shared what I did to mine. Good luck with your game and have a blessed new year.


Thanks for the detailed reply. I agree that if SG adds more buildings, then I’m not at the building end-game, but as a guy who has spent around US$15 total on this game, I feel it’s pretty good to be this close to done. I’m also not really competitive in events, as I realize the effort level is going to be pretty high, and I’m a gaming generalist - I tend to like to diversify my game playing.

My Alchemy Lab is indeed maxed. I have some 5* season 1 heroes sitting waiting for materials, and research on level 10 is ongoing right now. Hoping that helps.

My Hero Academy is at level 4 right now, and levels 1-4 are all researched. I will need to prioritize that, I think, due to running out of heroes to work on. I’m not going to duplicates of season 1 4* non-healers, and I’m almost done the healer duplicates. I do plan to run HA10 when I get that researched. I want to get that 3* troop function up and running, once I get to that level, I may research it, and let something else build for a bit. HA7 is a level I have little interest in right now, as I have about 50 trainer heroes sitting, mostly in colors I have no heroes to level up. Once I get some heroes in the last 20 levels of final ascension, then I will use some of them up.

My Hunter’s Lodge is at level 4, and those first 4 levels are all researched. I think this is the least important building that I have left.

My TC20’s right now have 200+ days queued, and my TC 11 is around 30 days, as I just pulled a bunch out to feed.

Your post helped me decide to buy the VIP this (probably) last time. Good luck toyou as well this year.

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