The Hero of the month – does the number of people in your alliance who have the HOTM reduce the chance for someone else in the alliance to get it?

I have a stupid question. When it comes down to HOTM, if about half of your alliance have the HOTM, does that reduce the chance for someone else in the alliance to get it? I hope my question makes sense.

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No, the odds for getting the HOTM are independent for each person. They’re not affected by your alliance mates, or anyone or anything else, for that matter.


Actually I have dibs on all HotM in my alliance. The other players are quite understanding, which is good because it saves me from kicking them :wink:


@zephyr1okay. Only reason I asked was because in my previous Alliance I seemed to get the HOTM and now in my new one. Nothing at all, I was just curious.

The answer is obvious go back to your old alliance and problem solved! Maybe your luck has just run out? Ive only been playing 3 months… last month did a 10 & 30 pull and got nothing to show but 4*. This month did a ten pull and grabbed two 5* hero’s plus the bonus draw. Right before that i used 1 token and got a balthazar and seshat. Meanwhile i watched a vid where a guy did 60 pulls this morning and nothing. The odds are crazy sometimes.

It’s just luck, good or bad. The game developers have explicitly said it’s not altered based on anything, and that they know people often believe it is anyway.

@Sid3ways I could go back but I just promised the leader I would stay and see how it goes.

@zephyr1 yeah I heard that too. I guess my luck ran out but I had it since December of last year lol

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@D3ADP00L, I had the same thing happening although I’ve been in the same alliance. Nothing then Frida (3 of them), Anzogh, Marge, Ranvir. Now of course no luck with far. It comes and goes. 

Take Titan rewards, no rare AM’s forever then the last 5 times, Telescope, mystic rings, 2 warm cloaks and a tonic. Now I believe I’m on the downside of that again.

@PapaHeavy I guess lady luck sucks now for me

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She is a fickle mistress. Just be patient, she shows up when you least expect it. Good Luck regardless!!


@PapaHeavy thanks bro, I hope I get it back

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If its anything ive learned reading here and watching vids on youtube is that if you play long enough the odds equal out for everyone

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@Sid3ways well I just hope my luck comes back lol


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