BK and Aegir two way heroes or not

People always say these are both great heroes for your defense but how are they on offense. I prefer great offense heroes so I don’t want to ascend any great on defense only heroes. Also would BK be good as a flank or just as a tank?

I use Aegir a heap on offence. Partially because he was my only maxed 5* blue for a while.

Now I use him as he’s sturdy and can keep the test of the team alive. I do prefer him over Ariel for titans with a blue stack as with his special, he can heal for hundreds of HP PER TILE

I use BK on about 80% of my raids. He not only shields your team, he makes them more powerful for a few turns. I’ve used him to support Ursena-Lianna and GM-Lianna. Recently, I’ve been using him on Christmas raids with Kingston, GM, Graz, and Lianna. Even though Kingston and Graz are less than 3\50, I’ve been winning more than losing in the mid-Diamond arena.

My nemesis are Kage and Finley. I definitely need to put some thought into how to deal with that Finley character (no suggestions please - not trying to highjack a thread).