Queen of Hearts or Zimkitha

Looking for collective wisdom on who would be best to take to 4/80 - Queen of Hearts or Zimkitha. I use Zim on my raid offense team and she does well…absolutely love her cleanse and even at 3/70 she’s great. I haven’t used Queen much but am thinking she might pair well as flank with Guin in the tank position on defense. I also wouldn’t mind using her on offense because she seems fun :slight_smile:

What do you guys/gals think?

I will soon have the exact same decision. I’ll go with the queen, she’s fine in o-line and d-line (zim too of course), and her skill is so unique that I don’t wanna wait for months to get another set of materials. Not the easiest decision, they are both so good, poor Santa will have to wait till next Christmas, at least🙂

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