Q Defence Team Advice Please

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Most grateful for advice on which Defence Team I should go for.

Additional advice please on troops for these Defence Team heroes - maxed Mana or Crit Troops?

Thank you!!

Heimdall + BK must be hard to deal with… How about: Finley, Heimdall, BK, Hel, Drake?

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Another option: BK doesn’t have to tank to be good in there…

BK left flank to Heimdall… More likely to buff Finley when he hits that way, and possibility that right flank is buffed at that point as well.

Finley - BK - Heimdall - Ursena - Drake.


Thanks for the advice so far!!

Let me see how it goes for a while with
Finley - BN - Heimdall - Ursena - Drake

Maxed (L30) Mana Troops for all?
Or perhaps Maxed Crit Troops just for Tank?
Or (presumably not?) Maxed Crit Troops for all?

Have read various discussions on Mana vs Crit ~ seems biased towards Mana … but I am wondering if my low emblemed Heimdall might be better with L30 Crit Troops?



Or double purple flanks to Heimdall tank? Definitely not as typical … more attack than with BN. Thoughts welcome!

The question is: Why?

If you’re doing it for a good reason, then it can make sense.

Bear with me…
For a defence to do well, it needs to punish bad boards and make it unwinnable for the attacker if they get a slow start.

Heimdall at tank does this by beefing up all your heroes (+HP) . He also adds an attack buff (this potentially overwrites BK if you use both - whether or not that happens kinda depends on how attacker throws the tiles).
Green is also a good colour for tanking because of the lack of vicious damage dealing in red - there’s some good AoE, but the snipers are either soft hitters (Marj) or have more going on and aren’t hard snipers (Tyr). There’s some useful DoT though, which is useful on attack because even if defence has dispel, it’s easy to avoid it.

Ursena on defence punishes by doing high damage to holy attackers, then preventing them using their special skills.
At flank, this is somewhat reduced to just “big-ish damage” unless you manage to tempt your attacker into bringing yellows.

Bringing two dark flanks would certainly increase temptation to bring yellows… Which plays into Ursena’s hands a bit… So there’s logic in trying it.

What are its weaknesses?
Well potentially Malosi, though unless attacker brings two or three of him (how many people actually do max that many?!), they’ll have to decide which attacker they want to stifle most - do they want to prevent Heimdall’s healing? Ursena’s reflect? Hel’s mana block? Difficult decision, it’s certainly forcing the opponent to think, and they’ll probably get punished for it one way or another.

On a good board with a yellow stack the attacker will stand a good chance of winning.
But… That’s not how a defence earns it’s bread - no defence wins against an attacker with the right attack and a good board.
It’s all about playing the percentages by making sure you punish people who bring the wrong attack or by making sure that bad boards can’t be recovered from.

So in theory… Looks like it could work.

Only thing you can do from there is run it and see what happens - it’ll either prove you right or it’ll prove you wrong.

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I agree.
Red element = health+def
Blue element = attack stat

And because of stacking heroes, you don’t even need mono blue to ravage red tanks.

Red flanks on the other hand… are efficient

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And lest we forget… Season 1 heroes are the backbone of most benches.

Season 1 red lacks a good sniper. Marj is durable, but hardly a vicious damage dealer.
Compared with Magni, Lianna or Joon, she’s way off the pace in damage terms.

But then in more “expensive” benches, red just doesn’t get going any further, either.
When you start talking event heroes, HOTM’s and even some S2, other colours pick up more serious killers where red doesn’t in the same way. Reds good for AoE and DoT, but very light in the snipe and even hefty hit-3 arena.

Green just naturally makes a certain amount of sense and even a relatively passive green tank can be useful.

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Thank you for your well thought out logic. Pretty similar with my thinking.

I tried this defence team last night, after a lengthy series of raids which took me into the top 100 for the first time ever. Reached 2,964 trophies at global rank #7.

This morning, as expected, was back down to 2,600 trophies … counting the 12 hours which my tower shows 50 (!!!) enemy raids and revenges, the result was 24 losses vs 26 wins. A relatively reasonable balance. I think I will run with this defence for a while and see if the “balance” continues.

Many thanks again for your thoughtful advice!!

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@BubblesUK If I may ask your thoughts on the troops to use. I used maxed Crit for Heimdall and maxed Mana for the other four. Should I just use maxed Mana troops on Heimdall too? Unlike offense where the tile count is easier to work out, is the extra mana regen for a Slow hero on defence significant? I am guessing that the extra health and defence from the L30 troops might allow Heimdall to last one additional 3-tile attack.


I’d probably do the same - crit on heim, mana elsewhere

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