Puss in Boots or Red Hood?

I got both in the last event and have rings for one. At first I started leveling PIB right away cause he’s new and shiny. But then I started reading more: other than RH, Seshat and Buddy are my only other minion summoners. So I’m not sure about team synergy with him. But I could use the healing (attack buff not so much as I have Black Knight).

Is Red Hood the better call in my situation? My defense is Alby, Magni, BK, Kingston, Seshat. My other 5*s are Anzogh, Ranvir, Justice, Leo, the Hatter,Isarnia. Ariel, Kadilen and Sartana waiting in the wings.

Thanks in advance for advice! :pray:


So based on what you’ve said, neither are likely to get to your defence team.

Of that’s the case, I advise taking both to 3/70 then using them in raids and stuff to work out which one is better for you and which one you’ll use more.

Then ascend that hero :wink:

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Thanks @Guvnor —that’s right. BK is working out fine at tank so far, so I should have clarified that the role would be offense and events/challenges.

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