EDIT: Which two 5* reds to ascend first? (just pulled Puss in Boots)

EDIT: I pulled PiB today and I’ve also now acquired enough rings to ascend two 5* reds. Should PiB jump the queue before C. Santa, or should I actually pause on Octros since C. Santa and PiB have great synergy? Though I have other minion summoners like LoTL, MN, Pengi, Seshat, Devana and Motega that will have good synergy with PiB even without C. Santa, so should I do PiB and Octros? I read the OG board on PiB and believe he’s good, but let me know if he’s outdated!

I’ve kept the old poll but created a new poll below, thank you :slight_smile:

From previous post: The 5 reds I currently have are GM, Elizabeth, Ruby, Mitsuko and Ares, while my fully emblemed 4* are BT, G. Falcon and Wilbur.*

  • Octros
  • Costumed Santa

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  • Octros + C. Santa
  • Octros + PiB
  • C. Santa + PiB

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I am probably the only one who don’t see any value in PiB :man_shrugging: With or without Mr . P
I have it on bench, I enjoy Santa and Mr. P in synergy with Motega. Moat of the time even without Motega.

Happy gaming

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me too…

voted Santa + Octros
these two (O+S) could mean OS a few opponent heroes :slight_smile:
Put Pengi in the loop and it’s game over

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