Purple heroes - dilema

It’s time to ascend some purple heroes (two of them) because I have materiel only for them but I really don’t know who deserve to be ascended.

I have Malicna, C-Obakan, Sargasso, Grimble and Mol-Ar at 3/70, and no one is good enough to deserve to be ascended to the last level but can’t wait anymore for some better hero, so it should be some of them.

Everyone have pro and con and no one will receive emblems in the near future (probably never actually) which make choice even harder.

So, I’m open to hear your suggestion and why you are suggesting it…

Then you should raise grimble. Heard that he’s self sufficient without emblems. And he’s ultility against minion teams


This game is losing the pleasure I had before. When I summon with gems, I’m only offered 3 star avatars. very rare avatars with 4 or 5 stars. the items to evolve the avatars are of high difficulty to get. I think I’ll stop playing and discuss it with my alliance

And connection of your post with my question is…?


I too have Grimble and Malicna at 3/70, along with Obakan(no costume) and Domitia
Same struggle here, having 6 tabards and wonder who to ascend
My thoughts right now is Malicna, but Grimble has won me some war attacks against minion teams
The S1 heroes are out of the picture for near future
My other purple 5 star is Aeron at +7
I’ll Probably do Malicna

Grimble: With all these Minions Grimble is a very useful heroe to me. Against Freya, Frosth, Noor, Bera (together with a cleanser)…

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To be honest I don’t see a lot of either Sargasso or Grimble in war or on raid defence.
Malicna is good if you like the “gamble” …
Obakan improved with his recent buff and is even better in costume and works in defence depending on which format you choose.
So … my vote goes to Costume Obakan

Edit… this might help you. Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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I would never use Grimble in defense. only offense. This is probably for most players the thing. so you would encounter Grimble in raids and war only occasionally.

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This game is losing the pleasure I had before. When I summon with gems, I’m only offered 3 star avatars. very rare avatars with 4 or 5 stars. the items to evolve the avatars are of high difficulty to get. I think I’ll stop playing and discuss it with my alliance

@JLN …You keep posting the same message in a few threads.
It might be better if you start your own post to discuss your issues.


and Mok-Arr is even less suited for defense. you attack Mok-Arr with a purple stack and he is damaging only his own team.

Didn’t planned to use Mok-Are for defense, already have Alfrike, C-Domitia and Clarissa with 20 talents…

Is this first forum you are using? Seems like that…


Among your choices, I only have Malicna and Grimble both at 3/70. My other 3/70 purples are 2nd Clarissa, Zulag, Kunchen, and Quintus, while I am still working on Obakan to get to that level, currently at 3/60ish. I have other unleveled purple legendaries like 2nd Kunchen, unleveled Domitia with costume (2nd copy, in reserve), another Zulag, and an unleveled Sartana (2nd copy). After I get Obakan to 3/70, I plan ascending Malicna first as I like the possibility of her higher defense debuff and that I can emblem her maybe up to +10. After her, I intend to max Grimble, who may be lightly emblemed as he has sturdy stats and his main function is only to kill minions, which does not really pose much of a problem for me even without a minion buster I would like to use. Currently, I have 26 tabards.

My maxed purple legendaries are Alfrike, Panther, Kageburado, Seshat, Clarissa, Domitia and her costume, and Sartana. I use mono and I split them into 2 teams, supported oftentimes by my other epic purples like several Rigards with costume, Ametrine, Sabina, and Tiburtus with costume. I do have other maxed purple epics but they are mainly relegated to events and raid tourneys. I have 5 purple mana troops to at least level 11.

However, there is really no rule requiring you to max more legendary heroes unless they are the prized ones ideal for offense, defense, titans and events. In your selection and in your roster of heroes, I’d suggest you wait for better ones and work on some dupe 4* purples instead, especially those that are very helpful in your attacking preferences in wars for depth.

Just my 2 cents.

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No, I have maxed Quintus, Sartana, Seshat also but have 12 tabards and plan is to ascend purple hero next

I understand. In the end, it really is up to you who to invest tabards to. I don’t subscribe to the idea of maxing a hero you can’t or won’t emblem, especially if it is one who you won’t even use consistently or regularly.

Good luck.

My favs are Grimble, because off annoying minions and c-Obakan because of counterattack and also he is fast.

Interested in the replies here, I am up to 5 tabards with the sixth coming soon from POV, options are similar to Wilaxy’s with Grimble, Malicna, Domitia and Obakon (Non costumed).
Was going to plump for Malicna purley on power strength but think Grimble could be better for munching minnions.
As for JLN, I think it is time f a chat with your alliance :slight_smile:

Go with Grimble and Obakan, both very useful heroes. The rest of them is… Meh…

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Grimble was my first purple 5* back in the day so I maxed him. He lost use after pulling many subsequent “better” heroes but now that minion meta is a huge part of the game he sees use in 50% of my raids.

He is also a GREAT partner to my Alfrike, making her go off multiple times with ease against minion summoners.

Grimble it is, thank you

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