Who would you upgrade next?

So who would you upgrade next Grimble, MoKarr or Obakan?

Wo would you upgrade next?
  • Grimble
  • MoKarr
  • Obakan

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It depends on your situation. None of these is a top hero but if you’re FTP/C2P, it might be worth maxing one of them. What heroes do you have maxed?

Without any information, I’d advise you to either wait or to ascend Grimble/Mok-Arr (depending on what you need). Don’t bother working on Obakan, though.

Given those three (and only those three to choose from) I would max Grimble for the minion eating, given the plethora of minions now in the game.

The only other 5* purple not leveled is Sartana but already have one leveled of her.

I chose to max Sartana #2 over Obakan if that helps. My Obakan is still 2/60, and likely will be for a while yet with a third Sartana and two Domitias at 1/1.

I recommend ascending Grimble to 80. I got him as well as F2P and hes very useful in Wars at the current minion meta + especially useful in minion wars with minion meta. There he is kinda broken. I think Grimble is very underrated, because he was useless when he came out but got so strong now.

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